16 April 2012

Favorite Post: Rockin' It Old Skool

I had grand plans for a lovely post on our date night at Mussel Bar Revel. I promise, it was fantastic, and I promise a post soon. But like at the end of last week, Real Life got in the way, and between a day job deadline today, the Beans' ballet & music classes & meeting Stacy London on Saturday (thanks, Allie!*), preparing traditional Romanian dishes and table for Easter No. 2 (Orthodox Easter was this weekend), a visit from my Mommy, and a long-scheduled date night to see H's hometown favorite, Blues Traveler, I just couldn't find the time to sit down and write it up.

So will you forgive me if I give you yet another Favorite Post? Way back when, when The Bean was still teeny, I posted about trying to find my style mojo again - with a Metallica T. Trust me, after last night's phenomenal concert, I considered one of my 2 remaining concert Ts ('tallica or The Wedding Present) with my pinstripes, but both shirts are Very Fitted. Give 'em a month.

So while you read about my 'tallica T, I'll knock out another proposal. If I still haven't posted a new one by the time you're done, borrow some of my inspiration from last night's concert, and go rock out to whatever is yours right now. Me? I'm missing John Popper and the boys in my collection, so I'll go country with some old school Randy. Randy Travis, that is.

*Allie of Wardrobe Oxygen invited me and The Bean to join her and her E to meet the Grande Dame of style consulting. It's not up quite yet this morning, but I'm sure she'll have it up soon.

I've got lots of thoughts brewing on this lil' ol' blog here, and while I mull them over, I thought I'd pull some of my favorite posts from the past 6+ years (yes, I'm an Old Blogger).

If you have thoughts, ideas, questions, Style Dilemmas, please do send them along! I'd love to hear what you want to read!

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