27 April 2012

Swim in Style: Taking the Plunge

This is my own Style Dilemma. I also know that it’s Every Woman’s Style Dilemma.

If it isn’t, you’re a freak-of-...you’re exceptionally well-adjusted. Congratulations.

While I’m not going to buy The Real Beach Swimsuit until June (got less than 10lbs to get to my goal weight - and I’m going to flaunt it when I get there), H and I really want to get The Beans into the indoor pool now. This weekend, perhaps.

So when The Bean and I made our shopping list for a Target jaunt last weekend, right after the Bike for The Bean and Barbie for The Bean (long story, but Mama & Papa bought the Barbie - duh - bike and The Bean paid for the Barbie out of her very own piggybank), we listed bathing suit for Bean No. 1 and bathing suit for Mama.

I just needed something I could get in the pool in and not have it fall off because it’s 300 years old and stretched through pregnancies. Seriously. I figured Target could help with that.

Target doesn’t have many one pieces - maillots, if you will, oh, Fancy Fashion People, but they do run to the Esther-Williams-like retro styles that have been catching my eye. (Full “selection” over on my SeasidePoolside pinterest board.) We were at the end of our Target jaunt, so patience was low for both Beans. I dashed through the racks, and picked up a ruby-grape rouched halter, size M.

Size M, people.

It was wishful thinking.


And it worked. When I tried it on, the legs are a little tight, and the halter squeezes the girls just a tad too much (I hate when my halters are too loose, so it could be me), but it FITS. It won’t get me through 1000 yards in the lap pool (that’s another, non-Target swimsuit purchase on the horizon), but it’ll work. I’ll look presentable in the pool.

Mission accomplished.

Target has an almost overwhelming swim section. Racks and racks of bikinis. Some trashy, but most threateningly cute. I was hoping to include a few for your viewing pleasure, but I'm either completely internet unsavvy, or the interwebs have issues today. So instead, you'll see me - most likely - in crochet, Missoni-like zigzags, or old fashioned red, white, and blue stripes. And hopefully, all 3!

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