25 April 2012

Taking Stacy London's Personal Advice Straight to The Limited

2 Saturdays - gasp! - 3 Saturdays ago, I was lucky enough to meet a modern style icon. Quibble, quabble, some of you may or may not put Ms. Stacy London in the “Icon” category, but my dear friends, I do.

There are a bazillion style shows out there, ranging from the campy “Ambush Makeover” (c’mon, you know you’ve been sucked in on a sick day - or 3) to the tear-inducing style staple of Stacy & her partner-in-crime Clinton Kelly’s, What Not to Wear. Make it easy for those who just can’t make the leap into loving themselves, and therefore dressing the part, is really what it’s about. If you ask me. Which you didn’t, but it’s my blog, so I’ll tell you.

Allie of Wardrobe Oxygen was kind enough to invite me and The Bean along when she interviewed Stacy during the Westfield Style Tour. She brought her E, and we made it a Ladies-Who-Lunch (Over Pizza) Day of it. Allie’s post on our outing shares all the nitty gritty, along with some great tips from Stacy herself.

Given my #healthyme journey, I was curious - when I got the chance to meet Stacy for a few minutes - to ask her opinion of what I should wear when I reach my goal weight. Between Stacy’s Style for Hire fit-you-based-on-the-geometry-of-your-body concept and being at, well, you know, The Mall, I figured it was prime Stacy London territory.

The Bean borrowing E's "purse" and princesses while we waited for Allie to interview Stacy. The Bean - in her precociousness - waiting in line to meet Stacy. We waited a lot that day.

Gracious as can be, Stacy was enamored of The Bean immediately - scooped her up in her arms right off the bat. Mama had to wait until they were done gushing over outfits and flirting - and The Bean was literally running circles around me - before I could ask her about “what to wear when I get there.”

The Bean handing over our ticket to the also gracious Marketing Director for Westfield (wish I'd noted his name - he really was a sweetheart). Stacy gushing over The Bean's H&M Kids gold brocade dress, and me looking, well, from behind is. not. flattering.

Her answer? Don’t wait. “First, I love your jean.” Then she went on to convince me that “you’re doing yourself a disservice” if you wait until you reach your weight loss goal. Find a few pieces - you don’t have to spend a lot, she reminded me - that fit you NOW. “Wearing those clothes that fit can be a real motivator.”

Allie snapped this (and all of the "from behind" shots, for that matter) from the sidelines while her E ran circles around her. Also, blurry side view evidence that my ensemble wasn't as unflattering as it looks from behind. Stacy considering my question, perhaps, as The Bean swings from me, enhancing the back fat view of my undergarments. But my jeans fit!

As surprising as it was, and as much as it flies in the face of my pledge to Buy Nothing New Until Then, it didn’t take even a little bit of arm twisting to convince me that she’s right. I’m lucky that I’ve not heeded her TV advice to clean out my closet and keep only what I wear right now. I’ve kept pre-Bean clothes tucked away, and have periodically tried them on. Much to my pleasant surprise, they fit. The jeans I was wearing that day, for example, are a pair of DDC Lab jeans H and I bought on our Manhattan honeymoon almost 6 years ago.

With Stacy’s advice in the back of my head, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a cheap(er) piece here, a cheaper piece there. Things that won’t break the bank, but will flatter my body as it finds itself again.

At right, The Bean examining - what else? - the shoes on display for the Westfield Style Tour closet. Her pick? Sparkly yellow-soled sneakers. That's my girl.

Low and behold, into my Inbox popped an email from The Limited. Yup, The Limited. I’m fairly certain I haven’t shopped there in neigh 10 years. I used to use their trousers regularly - they were cut such that they flattered my pre-Bean (heck, my pre-H) body, and they wore well. It was fun to pick up a trendy top or 2 as “going out clothes.” That was when I went out (present week aside, people, present week aside).

What the heck, I said, I’ll go. It might just fit the bill for finding an affordable, well-fitting piece or 2. I put it on the calendar, and RSVPed.

What: Mother's Day In-Store Event

Where: The Limited at Tyson’s

When: Wednesday, May 9, 5-9pm

Why: Deals & discounts, desserts, and flowers for Mom (it’s right before Mother’s Day! How sweet!). You might even make it onto Twitter or facebook (because that’s our goal in life, right) via their event photographer. But seriously, wouldn’t it be fun to have a “society pages photograph” with your mom? I’ve invited my mommy.

Oh, and then I went to the website to, um, pre-shop. These pieces are first up on my dressing room door.

You've read this far? Wow. Impressive. Then you get a bonus link to some ridiculously adorable pics - and eventually a Dancing Bean video - of The Bean and E after meeting Stacy. They're shopping for Shoes. I promise it'll be up soon - having pooey computer problems! But they'll be It's up! over on the DC Celine facebook page!

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Closet Coach said...

I totally agree with Stacy! Treat yourself to a few inexpensive pieces while in transition. I gave the same advice to a friend of mine a year ago and wrote this blog post for her: http://www.closet-coach.com/2011/07/05/ask-the-closet-coach-how-do-i-update-my-wardrobe-while-losing-weight/