24 April 2012

What to Wear When It's All About H

As a mama and wife with a demanding and sometimes unpredictable Day Job, I have to turn down my share of events. Especially lately, I’ve been getting invite after invite (don’t I sound impressive and all VIP-like? Snort.). I can sometimes make these at the last minute, begging H to “cover” The Beans at home while I galavant around the city. Sometimes I get word in advance and can plan, either getting a sitter so both of us can go, or, bless him, H “covers” again. Sometimes there are multiple events on one night (yeah, right, I can barely manage one), and sometimes I just have to say no - whether in advance or at the last minute because I’m just. plain. exhausted.

Needless to say, a Week O’ Events is highly unusual, but this week the stars are aligning - or colliding - and H and are are steppin’ out. The events run the gamut from staid to edgy, so it’s a crazy wardrobe week. Here’s a peek as to what I’m thinking. (Follow me on twitter, @DCCeline, for my #wearing tweets to see the final decisions.) And oh, by the way, H gets star biling this week. With his alma mater, a men's style event, and seeing one of His Heroes, these events are really All About H. That being said, his opinion - and preferences - will figure greatly into my sartorial choices for the week.

H, in all his coolness, far right. Go Kate Shoot

Monday & Tuesday - relatively quiet, with just plain ol’ work, Beans, H, and a large pile of laundry. Just rockin’ the normal work style here.

Wednesday - H is an AU grad (that’s The American University - wait, did they drop the pretentious “The?” Yes, yes, they did). We got what is likely a random “please give us money” invite for a reception with the university president. For once, we decided to go. I can’t say I’m considering anything different than whatever I decide on for my Day in the Office tomorrow (it is a post-work DC reception, afterall), but I’ll definitely choose something that shows off my shrinking and shaping #healthyme figure, just in case we run into Someone We Know. Figure-hugging wrap dress or pencil skirt, anyone? Could we get more “DC?” Well, admittedly, only if there's a senator or congressperson there hawking their latest bill. I'll let you know. I know you're waiting with baited breath.

Thursday - Work, then The WW Speakeasy. This crew is young, edgy (they’ll probably kill me for writing that), and way hipper than H and I could ever pretend to be. So what do I wear to sip whiskey and mingle with some of the Stylin’ Men of The City (think black-rimmed glasses, mixed prints, and couture bowties)? Well, I’ll certainly not reveal my final choice (not that I’m anywhere near it yet), but I spent this morning’s commute considering my options. I’m using this Night Out to respond to my own #StyleChallenge and do some major #runningincentralpark styling. Under consideration: a copycat Missoni printed minidress, a completely sequined top with some significant memories attached to it, dark indigo wide-leg jeans I’m just this week back into (hooray #healthyme!), and a cropped sweater with beaded shoulders. And a bright lip. A seriously bright lip. Unless I go for the 70s vibe, in which case I might rock the strong eye and nude lip. Decisions, decisions.

Taken for The WW Speakeasy Look Book by Ms. Kate Warren of Go Kate Shoot

Friday - PJs, The Beans, and H. Nothing more, nothing less.

Saturday - Chuck Berry. Legend. The Howard Theater. It’ll be a longer night (doors open at 6 or 6:30 for dinner), so whatever I pick, I need to be comfortable. And while I realize Mr. Berry a) won’t see me, and b) could care less what I wear, I still want to show Him the respect due a man who has a garage full of vintage Cadillacs and Lincolns, pimped out long before anyone had coined the term. The good thing about this Night Out (thank you to friends who thought ahead and bought the tickets, then graciously invited us, knowing full well that H has had long-standing plans to pilgrimage to St. Louis for Mr. Berry’s once-a-month concert) is that it comes after Thursday’s Night Out. So there’s a good chance I’ll be either using Thursday’s outfit “castoff” or plain ol’ reusing an ensemble, if it turns out to be a particularly good one. No shame here, people. We love - and encourage - repeat wear. I’d be the most boring style celebrity. I’d wear the Same Damn Thing regularly, if it worked that well.

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Alison (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I need to plan outfits in advance more often, I regularly end up scrambling last-minute for something decent, realizing I wore all my "good" stuff earlier in the week. You are an inspiration for me to think through my week, even if it's a castoff of a previous event!