10 April 2012

Style Dilemma Solved: Tar-ZHAY run

Last Thursday, I was working hard on a proposal with a Friday deadline. I was taking Friday off. You know, Good Friday and all. I was also, therefore, staring at a screen, editing my eyeballs off. Almost literally.

So about 1:30, while I was waiting for someone else to edit a piece or review it or track down missing information, I decided to take a treat break.

Yes, yes, I'm doing #healthyme, big time. And yes, I looked up my options at Starbucks before I went. I was a good #healthyme-er. Planning ahead, as in "I looked at the points values (or calories or fat or whatever else you're tracking) for all of the mini-treats at Starbucks, and the mini pink donut is my best choice and won't blow it for the day." Coffee and a donut would be the perfect antidote to my proposal eyes.

But I was tired, and I accidentally pulled into the left-hand turn lane at the light, which would take me past Target first, then Starbucks.

I'm sure I need toothpaste for the beans. And those Easter baskets. And looooove those dollar bins for their socks (seriously, the best source of socks for the beans).

And, well, hey! there's a Starbucks right there.

But wouldn't you know it, they didn't have any pink mini-donuts. All they had in "mini" was the red velvet whoopie pie, which, though delicious, I'm quite certain is not as good a choice as the pink mini-donut (cream cheese icing as filling, anyone?). So I got a tall bold (I'm a stick-your-spoon-up-straight-in-the-coffee kind of girl), and passed on the treat.

And then I compensated with a basketful of Tar-ZHAY purchases.

I did buy socks and Easter dollar toys for the beans. I also bought socks for myself. Neon argyle ones. They're awesome.

If only Tar-ZHAY would show everything online, you could see their awesomeness.

I browsed the belts and hats, not finding anything in the purses. Big floppy navy hat that can double as an Easter bonnet and a beach hat? Jump in my cart, please! Mr. jute and leather loopy-type belt that can replace the wide brown belt Bean No. 2 seems to have confiscated and hidden (he loves, loves, loves my belt drawer)? Join that floppy hat, please! 3 pair of less than $15 sunglasses I can afford to lose or have snapped by teeny hands? Yup.

I also, despite my ban on buying anything until I get to goal weight, splurged (emotionally, more than anything else) and grabbed a purple-on-purple striped henley in...ta-dah! Medium! There was also a bold print dress I grabbed in a Large (bodycon + juniors department = Large, thankyouverymuch). No, I didn't try them on. I didn't even try them on until the next morning.

But guess what? They fit! Both of them! I ended up wearing the henley (it has those great buttoned up half-sleeves) with a pair of tobacco cords on my crazy-long solo drive down tha shore. I could wear it every day, I love it's fitted comfortable casual sleekness so much.

The dress, you ask? Well, it fits. It fits nicely. It fits so nicely that I wore it out on Saturday's date to the new Robert Wiedmaier outpost, Mussel Bar Revel. With my new lillybee (yes, I have another pair) Kristins and their soft, supple neutral leather, I felt hot. Really hot.

Oh...and the pink mini-donut? Gone. Unfortunately replaced by a peep and some jelly beans, but gone from my mind. Treat v. style dilemma conquered.

Tar-ZHAY run


Sassy Marmalade said...

Isn't it so satisfying to find great stuff at a bargain, ala Target? Cute finds!

Sassy Marmalade said...

Love the look! And isn't it always so satisfying to find great, bargain looks like that at Target? :)

DC Celine said...

Thank you! And yes! Love me a good bargain - that looks good, as well!