06 May 2012

Celebrate in Style: Happy Birthday, H

I've said it before. I'll say it again.

I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

So I took this weekend to show H how much he's loved.

We jumped into Papa's arms

I learned to use chopsticks

I slurped dashi like it was goin' outta style

We stopped for dessert

The next day, mama and the girls went to ballet, Target, the grocery store, the cupcake place, and the beer store. We were tired.

But then, we surprised Papa with birthday cake, beer, and squirt guns at the playground

After that, the grownups got all dressed up and went out for a fancy dinner (while we stayed home, watched "Poppins," and had pizza)

Where 11 friends feasted, toasted, and laughed

Because there are few better ways to celebrate

A man who is loved

A very special thanks to the friends who came from near and far to surprise H. From ringing our doorbell right after we turned out our lights to dodging the raindrops on the playground to dining and brunching, thank you for everything you've been to H.

And, because sometimes a girl needs a little stylish, tasty help, hats off to the bakers, hosts, managers, chefs, and waitstaff who graciously and kindly made our weekend that. much. better.

Kaz Sushi - for not batting an eyelash at 2 active young children, and offering their own toys when we had tears. For the patience you showed and the delightful tastes your artistry allowed them to try.

Frosting - because, hands down, you have the best cupcakes in the city. And because you make them in small sizes and in flavors that can't be matched.

Brasserie Beck - for masterfully steering us through an impeccable meal during which no one had to think about a thing except simply enjoying each other's company and the food and wine in front of us.

Thank you.


RosaLovesDC said...

Oh this is awesome! I am so happy that the Birthday celebration weekend turned out so fabulous.

DC Celine said...

Rosa, thanks! It really was an amazing weekend. And now, for Monday.