06 May 2012

Shop in Style: Dress Your Mom

My mommy just retired in January. She's been a teacher and administrator for literally the majority of her life. Then, if you add in her own schooling and having We Three Children in school, she's been on Someone Else's Schedule her entire life.

I'm not going to get into a saptastic post about how amazing she is as a mother. Because she is. My BabySis and LittleBrother will speak to that, too.

When we were growing up, Mommy was a prime candidate for what is now all over TV. Stacy & Clinton, Finola, all of the ambush makeover type style shows would've had a field day with our appliqu├ęd jumper-wearing teacher mommy. She had frosted hair, for heaven's sake. The only time she ever wore makeup was for  - maybe - our dad's office Christmas party.

Over the years, BabySis and I have proudly watched her come into her style own. We'll even let her buy her own clothes now.


She's grown into a woman who loves to pick out a brightly colored print, a little sparkle. She's been known to don a bangle or 3, and she certainly loves her shoes.

So when the nice folks at The Limited invited me to their in-store event in honor of our mamas, I got on the phone. Yes, I'm excited to be hosting the event at the Tyson's location, but I'm even more excited to have my mommy here for it. I'll be proud and honored to introduce my mommy to those of you who join us.

I've been perusing the site, lining up the pieces I'm going to hang on my dressing room door. I've also been looking for my mommy. In her New Life, the one she's trying to figure out, she'll clearly need some new clothes (sorry Jimmy!). So here are the pieces I'm going to hang on her dressing room door.

Mommy has two huge standard bred poodles. She needs to walk them. A lot. And there's no reason why she needs to look like a schlump while doing it. So cuffed denim "trouser shorts" and a crisp but comfy striped t it is. Or, you know, she can go hang at one of the local wineries during one of their summer open houses.

Mommy and my stepdad Jimmy have loads of friends who love to host parties. So sleek, summery, and cool. And the blouse can go with the shorts above, and the pants will be tres French if she tops them with the stripes above.

Oh yeah, Mommy and Jimmy go out. They go to dinner, they go dancing, they attend galas with their pretty puppies. The colors in the dress at left will be perfect on her, and the girl who graduated high school in the 60s will surely love the flowers at right. Oh yeah, and she gave me all her boobs, so she can pull both of these off like a runway model.

Hope you can come meet my mommy and see how she looks in these fun pieces. And bring your mommy, too!

What: Mother's Day In-Store Event

Where: The Limited at Tyson’s

When: Wednesday, May 9, 5-9pm

Why: Deals & discounts, desserts, and flowers for Mom

RSVP: If you can make it, go let me know over at DC Celine's facebook event page - I'd love to meet you & your mom in person!

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