21 May 2012

Style Dilemma: Belle of the Ball

Remember the #guestofawedding style dilemma, in which we chimed in and helped Chelsea through picking what ended up to be a sexy-yet-conservative navy zippered number for an Annapolis wedding?

This time, it's Colorado. And Lee is going to accompany a friend to a Special Forces Ball.

Yup, she's gonna be on the arm of one of the baddest bad asses there.

I know. I've met them. Some of my favorite people. (Note to self: see if I can get my happiest-whilst-designing-warheads-but-used-to-jump-out-of-planes friend to chime in on this challenge.)

Update: I have achieved the impossible. My warhead-designing Special Forces buddy has gamely - and surpisingly on stylish point - chimed in via my personal fb post of our challenge. He says: "I like the Jersey gown. Shows a bit of leg. Other choices would be a dark camo pattern or a dark green similar to the beret color. However, it is the woman that makes the gown." Smart, smart man. In so many ways.

Back to Lee.

Lee, as Chelsea put it, "looks fabuous in bold colors." She doesn't have any parameters about what she will or won't wear, other than she wants it to be a floor length gown. Smart girl. It's a ball. When else does a lady get to wear a floor length gown, unless one is, of coure, a celebrity. Or opera singer.

We have to work quickly, so Lee has time to get the dress packed up and on the plane. Help us? Follow the conversation on facebook and twitter (#belloftheball #styledilemma). There is pinterest, too (if you'd like to join in the pinterest fun, shoot Chelsea a note via email or on fb or twitter, and she'll add you). The whole world pinning for Chelsea's #guestofawedding dilemma was quite frankly one of the best parts of the fun. Lee has graciously said she'll let us take pictures as she tries things on, for at least a facebook fashion show, if not a #twitterfashionshow, too.

Chelsea's already started pinning. I'm up next - how 'bout you?

It'll be fun!

Oh, and if you're not following Chelsea on facebook or twitter yet, The Chelsea Chronicles and @chelseachronicl.

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