23 May 2012

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

I logged on this morning, and realized "It's Wednesday, and I wanted to post today!" then dug through my in-process posts and found this. I wrote it on May 7th, the day after H's birthday and birthday weekend. I edited it a little bit, to tone down the WW-heavy points and such discussion, but kept it essentially the same as it cam out that day. It tells an important story.

H's birthday weekend was just amazing, from a friends and family perspective.

A joyfully embarassed H at Brasserie Beck. We sang to him. All 12 of us.

From a #healthyme and Weight Watchers perspective, both H and I tracked up Saturday's points reluctantly, but were both still on point. Deeeeeeep into our "extra points," but on point.

So I jumped on the scale this morning, curious. Out of a scientific sort of curiosity. "I was so excessive this weekend, I wonder if it'll show up in the scale numbers. I bet it does."

And what I saw - just a little bit up from Thursday's WI - showed me that sound, scientifically based hypothesis was right.

So I got dressed, kissed The Beans and H, and drove to work. I got my ham & cheese croissant and coffee (I can still stay on point for the day when I do it, but I need to break the habit), and drove to work with the knowledge that I have a training session tomorrow (I earn extra points), yoga Wednesday morning (more extras), and that I'm already jonesing the fruits and veggies I didn't eat this weekend (or do the best strawberry cupcakes in the world count? They're made with fresh strawberries?).

Then I saw the numbers from the scale again in my mind's eye.


Last Thursday's weigh-in (before H's birthday weekend): 163.1

I'd seen the .7, perhaps, and just flipped the numbers in my mind.

I cried. On the WW Online community, there's been a lot written recently about how the plan works, and how we need to trust it. I've believed pretty much from Day 1.

So I cried.

I cried because H was so happy this weekend. Part of what made his weekend was "my hot wife." When I asked him his favorite part of the weekend (3 days of surprises, family, friends, food, drinks, and joy), he said, "having my hot wife walk around in her dress."

I had to ask him "what was your favorite part of the weekend that wasn't about me? Because if you can't come up with something, I did it wrong." He had an answer, and it's important in another forum.

But really, I'm on an exhausted high this morning (see mention of ham & cheese croissant above), and just need a vacation. The weekend was perfect for all sorts of reasons. So perfect that my crazily active little boy fell asleep in my lap yesterday. Which he hasn't done in, oh, about a year and a half.

And, in large part, I have WW to thank. Happy Birthday, my love.

[End of May 7th post. Now, here's today, May 23]

Fast forward to yesterday. If you saw my tweets and Instagram posts, you know.

The gym scale (I peeked, 2 days before my official WW weigh in) says I’m at the same number I was 2 days before our wedding on June 16, 2006 (or is it 17? Seriously. Neither H nor I can remember.)

And because of that number, I decided to try on my wedding dress last night.

I got home to pretty much cheers of jubilation, “Mama! Mama! Mama!” and asked our nanny to hang out for a few minutes, and didn’t tell her why.

I slipped into the dress.

I swear it went on more easily than it did 6 years ago.

She almost cried. (Have I mentioned how amazing she is?)

And then I made her take pictures.

 Someone said it's adoration. It might be "Mama's crazy." #happymama

Dancing with my beans to Beastie Boys 6 years after marrying their Papa in the same dress? Priceless #healthyme #shoutingfromtherooftops

Needless to say, I couldn’t stop smiling. I posted a picture to my personal facebook account, I sent one to H over email, telling him “Hurry home!” He sent back a note saying that he’s wearing a suit he bought in 2000, when he was living in Germany.

It works.

I indulged myself and The Beans with episodes of Imagination Movers and Little Einsteins while they ate dinner and I a snack. And then I pulled out the wedding pictures.

The picture (dancing at our wedding) that reminds me #happymama

I “let” them stay up to look at pictures. “Mama laffing!” “Papa laffing!” “Dra-pop!” “Dra-mom!” they exclaimed. We had a lot of fun at our rehearsal. A lot. We looked through all the pictures of our rehearsal and the ceremony. I saved the “party pictures” for tonight.

I was in a marvelous mood last night. Happy to the point of tears. Getting back into that dress triggered all sorts of things: joy, love for my family, memories, and reminders of why H and I married in the first place.

Dress is back on, i'm online, waiting for H and the Masala Art #oldmemories #newmemories

It’s a solid reminder, my stylish friends, of why clothes really are connected to meaning in our life.

Oh yeah, and I’m wearin’ a bathing suit this weekend down tha shore. And I’ll look better than I did on our first honeymoon down tha shore with my mother-in-law and her girlfriends.


RosaLovesDC said...

Girl, I am getting all emotional just reading this post. You've done such an amazing job and I know it's not easy. Congrats and enjoy looking fabulous in your swimsuit this weekend.

Lauren Knight said...

SOOOOOOOOO proud of you! You have always been beautiful, but I think the glow of your happiness from achieving your goal and being healthy really shines through. You are my hero.

DC Celine said...

Rosa, thank you. Your support has been wonderful.

Lauren, I have no idea what you're talking about. Hero...you, my incredibly stylish mama of 3 crazy (in a good way) boys, YOU are MY hero.