24 May 2012

Shop & Give in Style: Snobswap's Got Mary Amons & Lynda Erkiletian's Closets TODAY!

We're all very proud of our DC Housewives. Personally, they're the most relatable (though perhaps that's part of why they only did one season) of all the cities. I also covet their style the most. At last Friday's The Front Row fashion show, I drooled over every. single. dress they wore. From Cat's filmy, 20s-inspired cream number to Stacey's bright pink-orange dress to Mary's ecru, dramatic sleeves and Lynda's flirty blue and white shirtdress, I would wear all of them.

So when Elise & Emiliy of SNOBSWAP announced that they've talked Lynda and Mary into opening up their closets in the name of charity? Hel-LO! It's ONE DAY ONLY (yes, this is all-caps worthy).

Given that H, the first time he saw Mary at a BrandLinkDC event (District Sample Sale, perhaps? Or maybe the Suited for Change reception 6 years ago? Who knows.), fell head over heels with her 60s retro white shift and white gogo boots (he's a sucker for a tall, strong woman), I'm currently pouring through the pieces in their charity collection. Maybe, just maybe, those boots are there. If not, I'll take this to-die-for architectural piece from Lela Rose, and hope that my sessions with TrainerJen get me to a size 6 one day soon. Realistic? Probably not for body or wallet, but a girl can dream.

From Elise & Emily: Proceeds will benefit local Labels for Love charity, which is raising money for Cancer Schmancer and Girl Power 2 Cure. All of their clothes and accessories are up for cash offers so don't be shy and make an offer!

Cancer Schmancer's mission is to save lives from cancer by early education, prevention, and detection, which is led by Fran Drescher, The Nanny. Girl Power 2 Cure is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for treatments and a cure for Rett Syndrome, a devastating neurological disorder that almost exclusively affects girls.

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