25 May 2012

Style Dilemma Solved: Fashion Emergency = Dresses in My Closet. Sort Of.

I packed my clothes the night before. Blush plaid shirtdress, natural sandals, toiletries, makeup, towel, and underwear. If I don’t pack the night before, the 5:30am “call” to get to the gym just doesn’t work.

I had what turned out to be a private yoga session. We did restorative. I got myself realigned. It was amazing.

I went to the gym to shower and change, then got my regular venti bold + spinach feta egg white wrap at Starbucks. I drove to work.

The coffee had gone through me, so, well, off to the restroom. The mirror was a little revealing. The light grey thong I had one was clearly visible through the blush dress. We need to do laundry, so I’d gone with the closest thing to nude in my drawer. It didn’t work.

Thank goodness there’s a Tar-ZHAY not 10 minutes from the office. Bonus points that I’ll score diapers while I’m resolving my fashion emergency.

Cart. For the diapers, you know. Beeline for the “Intimates.” Score. A couple of nude pairs right up front. In the basket.

OK. I didn’t make a beeline for the intimates. I got waylaid by The Webster collection right at the front of the store. It’s good marketing. I’d spotted them on my last Target run, and was intrigued. They had marvelous patterns, and some fun, summery silhouettes. So, root, root, root, M. Root again on a different rack. M. 3 dresses in the basket. Then I found one more Mossimo dress that had simple, fun potential. It was polka dotted. I also threw in a few camis, just for good measure.

Then, en route to the intimates, I stopped by the shoes. A girl can’t go into Memorial Day weekend without flat sandals. And, well, they had some. My favorite pair, bought 6 years ago in South Beach, died. [sad face]

Now, I didn’t try any of it on. Not a lick. I had major deadlines to get to back in the office. But I killed all the birds with my one fashion emergency stone I could. I scored the diapers, and even new swim shirts and suits for The Beans.

And my fashion emergency was solved. I changed in the car.

So while The Beans were doing a yoga video (seriously), I did a quick Instagram fashion show so I could share the pictures here with you. I’m sad, because none of the dresses really works. One might end up staying in my closet as a beach cover up (tired of the babydoll styles and can’t stand the t-shirt thing), but the rest, as adorable as they are, just don’t work for me.
The dress that first caught my eye. In love with the print, but the shape + me don't mix. The Webster at Target Easy Waist Dress Deco Print.

See? Isn't the print gorgeous. And it's Target!

Maybe I'll get the print in this shift minidress. One of my favorite silouhettes ever, and it usually is great on me. The Webster at Target Sheath Dress Deco Print.

But something about the cut doesn't work at the neckline. It pulls and gaps in strange places.

Um, no. Monoboob and I don't get along. But the polka dots are adorable. Xhilaration Sleeveless Dress, similar here.

The Mondrian-inspired "plaid" makes this bleh shape a distinct possibility to stay in my closet. As a beach cover up. The Webster at Traget Easy Waist Short Sleeve Dress Plaid Print.

 The winner? The burnished gold rope thong sandals. They're not the vintage Etienne Aigner thongs I've been seeking, but they'll work more than fine. Meron Emeline Braided Flat in Gold.

And back goes the rest.

The Webster collection at Target has some really great options - check it out! And if you end up with any of them, let me know! I'd love to see you in one of them!


RosaLovesDC said...

I love that the beans are doing yoga too!
So sad that the Webster line didn't work, the prints are so fun.
Target is a dangerous place for me because just like you, I tend to gravitate towards the shoe department in every visit. Sandals are fabulous though.
Have a great weekend lady!

DC Celine said...

They are hilarious doing it. This time, it was one big slug-fest, with him stealing her blocks and knocking her down, she screaming about what her brother was doing, etc...

and looking forward to trying out the sandals tomorrow!