15 June 2012

Guest Post: Capitol Hill Barbie on Packing for a Weekend Away

A while back, in anticipation of an actual vacation, I asked a few online friends if they would be so kind as to "pen" a guest post for me while I'm away. I realized after the fact that the women I've asked all have voices that have become important to me - all for different reasons. So I'd like to share them with you.

And while I'm not actually away yet (won't leave the DMV for Down Tha Shore until this afternoon), I'm frantically running errands (getting the car serviced, figuring out if I can get a contact lens refill, you know, the easy stuff) and packing us all up.

So Capitol Hill Barbie's post seemed like a natural fit for the First DC Celine Guest Post Ever. Yeah. The honor. I'm sure she's thrilled. But anywho. She's a stylish, active mama who's juggling family through Manhattan (and blogging over at Baby Steps in Heels), and here's what she has to say. Oh, and follow her on Twitter, @caphillbarbie.

Ahh, the weekend away.

Or as the Brits hilariously call it, the mini-break. 

So much fun, right? A chance to show off your relaxed style and killer bikini to your significant other? Just throw in that cocktail dress! You might need it? Well, add a baby, about 16 tons of baby stuff, and the fact that you are not going anywhere that requires heels, and it's not the fantasy that Cosmopolitan would have you believe.

However, even though I've had to pare down my packing list, I found a way to stay stylish while leaving room for the extra diapers and stuffed animals my daughter requires.
A Weekend Away

Here's the deal.  One white tee, one pair of colored jeans (I am loving my mint pair), a striped maxi dress, bright shorts, striped long sleeved top, a chambray shirt, and one bathing suit.  For accessories, I kept it very simple with a pair of flat sandals and my trusty Sperrys, a braided brown belt, a fedora hat, and a pair of sunglasses.

Don't forget underwear.  Not pictured.

It's all pretty neutral, so I punch it up by adding a few extras in my beauty bag.

Weekend Beauty

Weekend Beauty by caphillbarbie featuring a black mascara

Bright cherry lip stain, NARS Monoi Oil (the most heavenly smell) and lots of mascara.

These items can be remixed endlessly, but here are four outfits that should get you through most of the weekend.

Four Outfits

Four Outfits by caphillbarbie featuring leather sandals

The Car Ride: Striped maxi - belted - with the chambray shirt as a cardigan and simple flat sandals.  Comfortable for the long ride, good for quick rest stops for a diaper change (for the baby, hopefully), and easy layers for A/C freeze out courtesy of my husband.

The Beach:  Here, the one piece bathing suit functions as an extra top paired with the shorts and the chambray shirt as a cover-up.  Slick on some Monoi oil and wear your Sperrys...you'll drop them before you hit the sand anyways.  The fedora can also hide your less than perfect hair.

Dinner and Drinks:  Maybe it's just my kid, but bathtime on vacation always turns into an everyone into the tub scenario.  Not all bad though!  It gives me a chance to rinse the sand or chlorine off and refresh a little before dinner and drinks with the adults.  Once the baby is off to the Land of Nod, I'm slipping into skinny mint jeans and a striped top.  Since date night is generally just steps away, I'll usually stay barefoot, but I'll amp it up a little with a cherry red lip stain.  Hopefully, my husband has a drink already on ice by the time it's set.

The Ride Home:  Again, nothing is comfier for a car ride than a maxi-dress.  This time, I layer the tee shirt over the dress and belt.  Chances are my hair is a mess again, so I'll sport the hat so I don't scare the people at the rest stop.

Again, these are just a couple of examples.  I can think of a million combinations for these items, which is why I love them.  It leaves plenty of room for that one extra adorable onesie for the baby...

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The New Diplomat's Wife said...

Love this and quite timely as I'm packign for the weekend in say, six hours. These are now on my list!