13 June 2012

Swim in Style: Bikini Shopping Update

I'm staying up too late for a girl who was in the office as early as I was, and will be in again crazy early tomorrow.

I have important work to do.

Bikini shopping.

If I didn't pick something tonight, I'd never get it in time to wear it Down Tha Shore.

So the nice J. Crew online shopping specialist helped me. She was very nice. She helped me figure out that no, most of the triangle tops won't fit my D cup (but really, they don't look D cup to me) boobies. Unless I size up from their charts. She had some lovely D cup top recommendations (yes, they have special D cup tops).

In the end, I went with one of my Woman's View options, one of H's Man's View, and a new one alltogether. It had more to do with what's available that will actually cover and not pull at my neck.

Because really, most women I know don't like wearing halters, no matter how flattering they may be. There's that whole neck pulling thing.

My choices, with the intent of keeping tops 2 of the 3.

They ship to New Jersey shortly.

Antique Paisley triangle top (size up for bigger boobies), Deck-strip underwire top (D-cup option, I'm in love with the festival green option), Poppy triangle top (size up for bigger boobies)

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