12 June 2012

Swim in Style: Bikinis - A Man's View + A Woman's View

I managed to get some new bras yesterday at Sylene, but I didn't have enough time to try on bikinis. I want ONE to supplement my practical-yet-retro-cute one piece halter. I just want one.

So I emailed H today with the link to J. Crew swim:

From: DC Celine
To: H
Subject: very important

go look here and tell me what you like.

going to get ONE bikini.


Note that H is Very Busy right now. But his response was immediate.

From: H
To: DC Celine
Subject: very important



So here's the visual on his picks.

And here's the visual on my picks.

My email back to him corrected the selection criteria I should've given:

From: DC Celine
To: H
Subject: very important

it *IS* very important.

i probably should've been more specific.

i don't think i can do string or triangles any more. but i'll order one.

also, pick bottom, color, and one underwire top (needs to go to a "d" cup)

He hasn't responded yet.

Why J. Crew? Easy. It's easy. Mail-order can be shipped to our place Down Tha Shore, since Theresnowayinheck I'm getting to go try on suits between now and Friday. And believe it or not, the suit selection in Jersey...well...if I were going for a different look.... J. Crew's suits are reliable, come in separates sizing, and have D cup. Because, while I have lost loads of weight, and I swear 15lbs of it came off of my boobs, they're still a D cup.



Alison (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I think you can still wear triangle as long as there's padding to give a bit of shape. I think they are extremely flattering! And such a guy, K would do the same thing.

And congrats on being bikini-ready, you go girl!

DC Celine said...

Thanks, lady! I agree, but I just don't want to be spilling out. They're not huge...as if he cares ;-). I think I might buy 1 of each and see what works. My last bikini is at least 5 years old. At least.

Kate said...

Kenny would have sent me back the exact same list.

My vote is for the third one of yours and second of his - love them both (also, I apparently love flowers).

For next year (because they usually sell out fast), give H&M a try. I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of underwire tops in D cups, and got a suuuuuper flattering hot pink bikini for me :) Best part - it was $10 total.

DC Celine said...

I love flowers, too! I'm leaning towards #1 of his...and not sure on mine...I love the blue/green/white contrast. Which takes me to the blue/white of the "Greek islands-inspired #2" for me. Also, I want to do Target or something - super cute, but just don't have emotional capacity, honestly, to get into the H&M or Target dressing rooms for a bikini.

Anonymous said...

First of all, congrats on your bikini ready body! I am so jealous. Giving birth to two children was not so kind on my skin, if you know what I mean... so I live vicariously through your purchases, and I echo the comment to try one of each. I like the poppy top H picked out and it's a tie for me between the dots and paisley from your picks. You could even do tops of the same pattern, one bottom and have options - more revealing for when H, more support for when chasing the Beans in the surf.