09 July 2012

Style Inspiration: Rainy Day Blues

I love a rainy night.

And I love a rainy day.

I happen to be wallowing in a funk at the moment, so turned to the Interwebs to wallow further. I firmly believe that a good wallow, savoring the depth of whatever form The Blues take for you, is the best way to cope with The Blues. For me,

I need armor. I need the structure of a Comme des Garcons design or the slouchy menswear-inspired trouser from Jenny Kaye.

I need to lose myself in a gaze, get lost far away in Billie's voice.

I need to acknowledge that The Bean is turning 5 this week, but remember that she'll always be my babygirl.

I need color saturation like only the 1960s can give.

I need a good storm - and a good book in which I can escape. It doesn't hurt when it was not only a childhood favorite, but was also "born" in my hometown. Returning home takes lots of forms.

I need romanticism, like the misleading glamor of an exiled princess.

I need ethereal mist - losing myself again.

Maybe some of this hits home for you. If it does, jump on over to my The Blues board on Pinterest.


RosaLovesDC said...

This is such a great post! I just checked out your Pinterest post and I love it. So inspired that I am listening to Frank Sinatra in the office right now.

Liz - So Much to Smile About said...

Love this post and your pinterest board. Totally believe in the power of a good wallow. And all things jazz/Billie Holiday. Let me know if you need cheering up!