13 August 2012

Style Debate: Can You Judge a Person by Their Shoes?

In lieu of a full-fledged post today (there was no time to work on posts over the weekend when you're busy meeting childhood heros like, you know, Ernie), I'm going to simply direct you over to a conversation I hope I started (ok, Kassie started) on the DC Celine facebook page.

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In the interest of that, you know, SEO thing, and, well, the fact that my graphic design abilities don't let me put a screen shot in that's big enough to read, here's the text of my status post on the fb page.

"DC Celine is going to start a conversation prompted by a medical study. Kassie Rempel, founder of SimplySoles, posted this article this morning. I will admit, I haven't read the article yet. But I will also readily admit that I 100% agree with the headline.

I will also state that I firmly believe should have made a hiring decision a long time ago based on my reaction to a candidate's shoes. Not listening to that reaction - and my gut - cost me a lot of heartache (that, yes, made me stronger and wiser, but that's beside the point, isn't it?).

[Link to the article on Medical Daily about personality traits and shoes.]


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