27 August 2012

Weekend Style: Weekend at Home

This weekend is the first we've had all together at home in a month. It's also the last we'll have all together at home until September. Therefore, despite us being "at home," it was jam-packed with all sorts of domestic tasks - and a fair amount of indulgence. Both exceptionally necessary.
First row: (Not pictured: The approximately 73 hours we spent at IKEA before) The Bean and I (she in her Janie & Jack, I in my picked-out-by-The-Bean-in-NYC pinkyotto), before heading out to a celebratory dinner at Marcel's; The Bean and her rainbow trout with spinach and roe (the roe weren't so popular); the scotch H and I needed at Jack Rose after our amazingly indulgent and delicious-as-always dinner (cooked by Chef Wiedmaier himself, and who charmed the pants off of all of us when we met him after dinner)

Second row: Sunday morning birthday party; spicing cauliflower for roasting, inspired by her favorite part of our Marcel's dinner, "Meeting the chef;" one of the first "We're Cleaning Our Bedroom Thoroughly" discoveries of the day: the sheepskin rug we found in an old duffel bag underneath our bed and now keeps our tootsies comfy on our bedroom floor

Third row: Part of our newly clean and reorganized bedroom wall unit: my grandparents' engagement picture, our wedding day, Budda; Romanian, Greek, American, English, German, and French literature, my grandmother's orchestra binoculars; the books we won't ever give up, because

Fourth row: a basket hiding the family cameras from Bean No.2, my mommy's lamps awaiting shades, my puppy in brown paper; art books, atlases, and 1989 newspaper articles on the trials of Nicolae and Elena Ceaucescu; our major going-out-of-business-sale rug score, in all of its 80s porntasticness

Fifth row: my grandmother's finery, including - literally - kid gloves; Mom-Mom's compact and slide-out purse comb; rouched-wrist gloves I need to wear soon

Sixth row: a gloriously plaid 70s satchel that had been under our bed; our bed, newly decked out in IKEA linens, a vintage accent pillow, and my great-grandmother's crochet work; Mama's Monday morning's joyful tears of a first day of kindergarten

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RosaLovesDC said...

I saw all your instagram photos and lady, you were busy this weekend and I am glad that you indulged on a delicious dinner at Marcel's.