29 August 2012

Favorite Post: As It Was in the Blogger Beginning

I was actually hunting down a more recent set of jewelry box and closet re-organizing posts I wanted to re-share because it's still insane here. So I searched my own darned blog for "organizing," and up popped this amazing retro-DC-style-blogger-scene post. Yes. I called my own post amazing. Deal with it.

I decided to share this now, because in between contracts and proposals and business deals, I've accepted and declined a slew of blogger invites this week. And I'm not even one of those insane folks headed to Fashion Mecca for NYFW. Between that and cleaning our room and organizing the 10,000 samples from event goodie bags this weekend (I seriously had one from an event More Than A Year Ago), it just somehow seemed appropros.

How the heck did this post come up in a search on "organizing?" you ask? Well, there was an indefatigable PR maven "organizing" photos. Can you guess who she was without clicking through?

Read on, here, to see how it all went down in October 2006 at a Saks charity shopping event. Things haven't changed all that much in 6 years, I suppose.

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