25 October 2006

In the Mood Goodies

My apologies up front for the lack of pretty pictures. Blogger not cooperating.

Finally, I'm taking a deliberate break from draft proposals & the crazy hours to bring you the promised report from Suited for Change's In the Mood evening at Saks in Friendship Heights (or is it Chevy Chase? Which is "the" 'hood today?)

Scene: early evening, already dark. Our heroine rushes out of work a little late, of course. Metro and on-foot hustling up Shop-o-rama Street (formerly known as Wisconsin Ave). It's just warm enough that by the time she bursts through the doors at Saks, she's glowing. Babsie D just inside, organizing photos of the must-be-photographed attendees.

Kiss, kiss. Must do a round. The bar's in the middle.

The place is packed. And there are men in leather pants. No, we're not at the Drag Races, nor the Hangar Club, but it's awfully close. They are good looking, but I'm just not one for tons of male flesh. Unless it belongs to me, of course. I suppose it's a matter of one's palate.

Stand in line for cosmo. Get annoyed at elderly gentleman who tries to butt in line, and we stop him. He subsequently dashes around to "ask the bartender a question" and ends up with two drinks. I'm ticked that I didn't think of that.

Grab two. Someone will need it, I'm sure.

See Joyce of Bethesda Rocks, and we chat for a while in the fur section. There are worse places to exchange pleasantries and catch up, I'm sure. As it turns out, her jewelry business has morphed into personal style consulting. More on that later.

Babsie D finds us, and we get to see her B purse. And her Diddy outfit. Graceful cowl-necked tunic sweater and slender (not skinny) jeans. Well done, my dear.

We split up, and I wander the counters. A nice lady attempts to convince me that Burberry and Paul Smith are just like my beloved Paloma. Uh-uh. Nice, but uh-uh. I politely ask her name "just in case" I come back. I don't.

Wander, wander.

Pause at Esteé Lauder. Yup. If you've been reading me or Babsie, then you know that Esteé somehow managed to jump up and out of the old lady world. Maybe it was the touch of Sydelle. Find her, if you're in the neighborhood. She's delightful, matter of fact, and believes in the virtues of cranberry juice. So one pressed powder*, concealer (I have to, with the hours I'm working), and purse brush (perfect for powdering it up before you go out, then stowing in its case, for later - no compact needed for a touchup when you have a teeny purse) later, I walk away. I opted out of the foundation (I love the Laura Mercier I'm using now), caramel lust creme eyeshadow, cobalt (I think) eyeshadow (the blue and caramel are divine together), mascara, bronzer she used to contour (I didn't know I had those cheekbones!), and the gorgeous red, red, red glossy lips (when I remember the color, I'll add a link) she gave me. It wasn't for not liking the look - I loved it. But I just really didn't need it, since I could create a similar look with what I have in my makeup box. What I can't have is Sydelle's amazing touch.

While we're chatting and powdering, Babsie D flies by...

Photo op!

I'm not ready yet! Not for my closeup.

She comes around again, and I'm out of the makeup chair as fast as they can print up my receipt.

Snap, snap, snap. Immortalized.

Gotta run. Meeting H & MIL for dinner. In the Mood is a pleasant way to spend the hour after work.

But my purchases earn me a satchel full o' goodies.
  • Esteé Lauder Pure Gloss in Praline. Soft going on, not particularly long lasting, and a bit old in color, but perfectly servicable when I don't want anything too "too."
  • Go Smile. Took this curiously to my eternally practical dentist, Dr. Richard Gruntz. His take: may help, but certainly won't hurt. For me, probably too much trouble. I'll just go to him & have him Zoom it, rather than doing it myself.
  • Marc Jacobs. See my earlier post.
  • Missoni. Too sweet for me, but I like it spicy.
  • Bond no. 9 New York Madison Soirée. Again, too sweet, but gentler than the others. Wins for cutest sample packaging - like a little hard candy all wrapped up in gold foil.
  • Lancome Secret de Vie. Lightly smooth - cream isn't the right word, as it's not thick enough to call a cream. Pretty, clean scent, and it worked nicely, not greasily, with my Differin (the plauge of adult acne) at night. Elegant little globe of a sample container, too, though it's difficult to open when your hands are slippery from nightly ministrations.
  • Clinique High Definition Lashes. Defined as "brush then comb mascara," this little thing has the oddest brush - two sided. One "normal" applicator, then, on the other side (not other end, literally on the other side of the brush end) a fine comb. The combination, though a little unweildy, actually serves a fair, thin-lashed gal like myself well. I just can't get away with tons of lashes. These look lovely and natural. Of all the stuff in the bag, this is the only thing I'd turn around and spend money on. Never mind that it's the cheapest, by far. Go me.
Never mind that a fair amount of moolah goes to a cause that does something real.

*Man, do I feel like a doofus. It took me tracking down a link to the powder to figure out that there was a nicely concealed sponge compartment built into the compact. I've been applying with the brush I bought.

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