31 August 2012

Style in Print: Stacy London Book Signing in DC

Yes, I'm posting this way in advance.

Yes, I'm crazy excited. Super-crazed-fan-level excited. I'm admittedly a bit of a celebrity junkie. I also admit to watching loads of reality TV, particularly style and cooking shows, and reading far less than I really like to. Let's just say that it's where I "am" right now in mental capacity.

That being said, Stacy London has captured my attention from all sorts of levels.

The Truth About Style, Stacy London's new book, via

First, there's the streak. I'm so glad to see that it's on her new book cover. I was very sad when I met her earlier this year (see how The Bean captured her attention, here) and saw that, while her new redder color was lovely, it disguised the streak. I love the streak. It's a beautiful, graceful, elegant statement of owning her own appearance.

Second, I happen to agree with virtually everything she and her partner-in-style crime, Clinton, say on What Not to Wear. Sure, I'd love it if they pushed the fashion envelope a little more once in a while, but let's face it, their TV clients aren't ready for envelope pushing.

Third, I have immense respect for entrepeneurs of most types, and even more respect for someone who's risen up out of themselves to build a career and a life from their passion. Never mind the being immensely successful at it. Which is what she's done, and resulting in Style for Hire.

Fourth, there's "The Rest of the Story." I don't read non-fiction, usually, but I do read biographies and memoirs. I am chomping at the bit to read this one, The Truth About Style. Because, you see, I think the story is likely a really important one. From what I understand, Stacy uses this book to talk about self - and how she found her self after struggles Just Like Us, so to speak - through the lens of style. She shares her battles with weight and anorexia, among other things. The more time I spend in this online style world of ours, and the older The Bean Gets (and uncannily recites virtually every single commercial she sees on TV word for word), the more important I think it is for us as a World to understand these stories. So thank you, Ms. London (as I've taught The Bean to call her), in advance for sharing your story.

So. Now that I've written a post that might very well be flagged as blatant a.ss-kissing, when in reality it is simply immense respect for a Woman Who's Made It Her Own, on to the details. I've bought my tickets. With a book. Have you?

What: Stacy London

Where: Sixth & I Historic Synagogue, Washington DC (can you believe I've never been? They have so many good shows there, and I've never been)

When: Thursday, October 4, 2012, Doors opening up at 6:00pm, Show starting at 7:00pm

Why: See above, please, so I don't have to repeat myself in the most psychophant of ways.

Tickets range from $18 (one ticket, no book) to $42 (2 tickets + book)

You can bet I'll be saving that signed copy for 10 years from now when it may just be important for The Bean to read it.

PS - Thanks to Allie of Wardrobe Oxygen for alerting me (how could I have missed it?!)

PPS - Check out the list of events at Sixth & I. Um, Molly Ringwald? Hel-LO? If that week weren't already too full with the DSS and maybe one other night (yes, 2 events is massive in our house), I'd be there in a second. Talk about a childhood/teenage idol. Um, she's a redhead, people!

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