17 August 2012

Weekend Style: Woodland Wedding

This will be the fastest post in the West.

Western Pennsylvania, that is.

It's still insane at work - it'll be that way for a while - so while I'd love to give you a "What I Packed" (or plan to pack, in this case) for our weekend away near Nemacolin, it's just not happening. It's busy enough (and I'm working late enough tonight) that this control-freaky mama is "letting" H pack for the kids today.

[Watch DC Celine attempt to not say a single word of advice or guidance. Better known as Watch DC Celine bite her tongue off because she can't let go.]


We're headed out for a family wedding near the fabled Pennsylvania resort. And while there is not a single drop of blood shared between any of our two families, they are. The groom is my MIL's godson (with his twin sister). The groom's parents are our wedding godparents (it's an Orthodox thing). There will be laughter, raucous laughter. There will be stories. There will be music (the groom is also a musician, and his band is playing at a Friday night BBQ), and there will be dancing. It will be The Beans' first wedding. No 1 is, shall we say, fairly excited. There's no stopping her wearing her most fanciest Easter dress, despite this being a woodland wedding.

Anywho No. 2.

It should be calm. It should be serene. And as tempted as I am by the activities (would horseback riding trump surfing, you think?) and the spa, I think I'll just ponder this picture, sit on the front porch of the cabin we're in for the weekend, and breathe.

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