02 August 2012

Write and Shop in Style: The Dandelion Patch's New Georgetown Digs!

Sometimes things are just serendipitous.

After The Bean's Big Birthday Bash last month, I've had her writing her own thank you notes (she's a grown-up 5 year old, after all). As hard as it might be to believe with how much I'm online, I'm a stationery junkie. So the Easter Bunny brought The Bean her own notecards, and I "donated" a stash of cards left from our 2006 wedding (yes, I'm one of those people who has a "Card and Stationery Drawer").

She proudly informed me last night, when she'd wandered out, sleepy-eyed, after I got home from San Diego, that she'd finished all of her cards while I was gone.

I may or may not have gone shopping for personalized stationery for her while in Coronado.

Fortunately, and you'll see why in just a minute, the set of Crane's script "E" cards I wanted for her was out of stock, and out of print. So I put off the purchase for another day.

Now I can take her to The Dandelion Patch's new digs (they've left their Georgetown Shops store, see this 2011 post) and let her pick out her own. I happen to think these things are important. Etiquette is always in style, and a well-penned note will always garner a smile from its receipient.

The Bean and I will be with My Mommy this weekend in New York, unfortunately, but if you happen to have a free afternoon Sunday, swing by their Summer Stationery Soirée.

What: Summer Stationery Soirée at The Dandelion Patch
Where: 1663 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC
When: Sunday, August 5, 2012, from 12pm - 5pm
Why: This elegant shop is pulling out all the stops for their relocation: treats, sips, gifts...you name it.

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Stéphanie said...

Definitely stopping by! Just subscribed! Please check out my vintage site at http://musevintage.blogspot.com/ :)