07 September 2012

Crazy Week, Crazy Mama, Crazy Style

It's been, well, a bit insane (yes, I've typed that pretty much every week recently), with quite a few ups and downs. But in between the mama duties and the DayJob, I have managed a little bit of style. So because I'm looking forward to my weekend with excrutiating enthusiasm, here's a look back at my week.

But before we get to my week, let's look ahead at next. There are some pretty cool style events, namely the opening of a Brand New Nordstrom Rack in Tyson's and the District Sample Sale. I'm hoping I can make it to the former's opening/blogger preview on Monday, though it's a haul for me from the DayJob, as I lurv me some Nordstrom Rack. Tuesday's been on the calendar forever, and I had my calendar reminder set to buy my DSS VIP ticket as soon as they went on sale. Watch this space over the weekend or Monday for a "how to DSS like a pro" post.

Lastly, don't forget the Swap N' Shop next Saturday. I did a quick post earlier this week on Dewdrop's most-sought-after-swap event. Be sure and check it out.

Top row, L-R: Prompted by TrainerJen's newsletter article and my friend's guest post while we were away, about updating your workout gear, I did (via Target, of course), and then was shocked at the guns I had; the guns spurred me to try my boots with skinnies, which I hadn't been able to do, ever; The Bean, my own personal Supergirl, is a happy kindergartner; my event "pregame" has changed: a nutrition-packed smoothie before heading out for the night

Middle row, L-R: A cicada wing The Bean found, which I expected would be her favorite part of the day, but wasn't - it was "chasing the boys on the playground;" my first "dressy shorts" venture, which was a huge hit, thanks to more Target style and some vintage touches; the set up for a Suri's Burn Book book party PR shot; my +1 for the book party, dear friend @travelinjames, rockin' the retro glam (and paying for our parking meter before our lovely Kaz Sushi dinner)

Bottom row, L-R: all smiles as he showed me his seat from his first partial day at preschool (the #sadmama #proudmama tweets were abundant this week); The Bean and her dear friend walking home from school, lead by Bean No.2, all with umbrellas against the sun; my pile o' sleeping babes in our bed, so we could break down his crib and assemble the Big Boy Bed in its place last night (more #sadmama #proudmama); this morning's colors, in the hopes of getting through today's insanity

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