02 October 2012

Healthy Style: Moving Forward

Just a little update on where I am - in #healthyme, in life, in family, and in style. I have - promise, swear, cross my heart - a few actual reader questions I really, really, really want to get to, have started, but just haven't finished. I wrote a version of this for my Weight Watchers blog, and, as usual, it seemed worthy of sharing. Maybe it's not. You tell me.

1) I hit my goal weight, so now I'm on "maintenance" to stay at a single weight. I technically "get" to each more. yeah. a little bit hard. there's a little bit of a mental "oh hell." but on the other hand, the habits are still there. I still make choices like a roasted veggie wrap with hummus (seriously delicious) at lunch the day of H's reunion so I wouldn't have to worry about dinner that night. Also, I didn't drink. Very much, anyway. That had more to do with not wanting the hangover (even though our nanny came with us and kept the kids occupied so we could sleep in a teensy bit).

Yup. Used it. Friday night, walking to H's Homecoming game. But not actually at the high school. Promise. (Bowmore 15, btw)

2) I love Princeton, New Jersey. I knew this, but I especially love college towns in the fall.

Wandering Princeton's cobbled streets

3) I really want to have the space to be creative. Even just snapping cell phone pics in Princeton University's Prospect Garden gets me going.

Just one of the snapshots that littered Saturday's Instagram feed

4) I'm already having to toss my interim clothes (ok, give away, consign, etc.), plus I wore skinny jeans tucked into boots and rocked it. LOVE.

5) I was the Hott Wife at H's reunion. As in "how did he score that?" level. Kinda gloating in a way that's, quite frankly, deserved.

6) I love my dress (DVF)

7) I love my shoes (Stuart Weitzman Platswoon, in blk patent)

Dark and stormy accessories shot. Clutch is an ancient (at least 10 years old) 9 West.

8) I love my family

Goofing around on just one of the many sculptures littering Princeton's campus

This week. It's crazy at work, of course, but what this week brings is better:

1) (yes, another numbered list) Home. We're home. All week. And into next. Since I went to San Diego in the end of JULY, this coming weekend is only the 2nd that both of us will be home together and/or we're not traveling as a family. I made H promise we Will Start No Projects, even on the weekend.

2) Tuesday night: going an event designed to inspire women to figure out how they can make money with their passion. And there are a load of other inspiring women coming with me.

3) Thursday night: meeting one of my style idols (again): Stacey London at her new book signing here. CANnot wait.

4) Outfit planning for said events

Lastly, a few "thankfuls" on my part:

1) Our nanny. She is loving, kind, and savvy. She's patient, and puts up with us. We are blessed.

2) My husband. He's just plain old the best.

3) Our lives, that we have the freedom and means to do things like go away to H's reunion for the weekend. We're very lucky, and I recognize that.

4) Silliness. See the picture. The Bean looking all modelly, and for some reason, I'm in a Prell commercial. The weekend (and especially the drive back) was filled with giggly moments like this. And I really, really, really need to remember that. All of the time.


The New Diplomat's Wife said...

I'm sure you looked fantastic - congrats on a "successful" reunion! :)

RosaLovesDC said...

Love this post and I can see you had a great time at the reunion.
Honestly, I think you are looking so great lady, all the hard work really paid off. Yay for #healthyme!

DC Style Factory said...

loved this post. i am way into gratitude...at least in theory. sometimes i get there more easily than others. and seriously, you look AMAZING.