24 September 2012

Favorite Post: Once a FallGirl, Always a Fall Girl

Still behind on posts. So either to joyfully relish the fall with you - or to torture you, if you're one of those summer types - I thought I'd re-share some of my happy autumnal and wintery posts and Pinterest boards.

Yes, I like the chill in the air.

Here is a post I wrote a little more than a year ago. I bought the turtlenck poncho. It didn't fit. It looked terrible. And I never returned it (much to H's chagrin). Turns out? It's perfect now! Cannot wait to don its glorious coziness.

I love fall (have I mentioned that?), so tweeds and velvets make me happy. See?

My velvet Daslu boots still make me crazy happy. I've already worn them once this year.

Then there's my Winter Girl Pinterest board, which is also good for fall. Or try my Weekends Around Town board, which, right now, seems to have lots o' autumnal inspiration. Then there's my boot obsession showing up on Bells on My Toes.

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Tracy said...

ACK! I'm getting error messages instead of your pinterest boards! I'll just head over to the real site and stalk your stuff because I'm in desperate need of a fall makeover and inspiration.