19 September 2012

Style Dilemma: 20th High School Reunion, Take 2

I'm woefully behind on posts. So. What to write? Well, a quick update on our lives...oh wait...that's all I post any more. Sorry.

But really, there is a major dilemma.

H's 20th high school reunion. 5 years ago, we shopped for his 15th. See? That dress is still one of my favorites, though I don't know at this point whether it still fits. I suspect not.

Last year, I was on a major push to get ready for my own 20th. It's a night fraught with, well, memories. Of all sorts. I still love the dress I wore to that. That dress still fits, but barely. It now has a higher-end look, what with me being all skinny and stuff.

So H's 20th is September 29th. In less than 2 weeks.

And I have nothing to wear.

Ok, that's not entirely true. We went through my entire closet the other night, literally trying on everything I own. Among a couple of other possibilities that didn't quite make the cut, I have a marvelous dress I bought in New York, but it's not quite right for the occasion. That's my backup.

I have to, upon orders, buy something new that's cocktail-appropriate, not hoochy (though I did offer to be a hoochy mama wife for his reunion. what do I care?), and not sequined. He doesn't like sequins, apparently. Who knew?

So it's becoming clear to me that what I should have done tonight is a rapid fire online shopping "trip." Guess that's up for tomorrow night, now. But before I go to bed? A quick version.


RosaLovesDC said...

First dress is a stunner and I can see you rocking it. I just love it.

Vyque said...

I prefer #1 or #3 - feeling sophistication over ethereal girly