17 September 2012

Weekend Style: All in the Family

It was killing me to not post or tweet or share anything about it ahead of time, but we surprised my stepdad this weekend for his 70th birthday. I was paranoid that, while he's not on any kind of any social media, he'd pick up my mommy's phone or accidentally see her facebook account and get an inkling.

As it turns out, he even walked into the party with his sister, who had to give it up when he asked "Are you here for someone?" with a sheepish "For you, I suppose," and didn't get it.

We got him.

For those of you who didn't follow along on Instagram to see my 10,000 pictures of cider donuts, the weekend was family and a wonderful unofficial beginning of fall. Which just happens to be my favorite time of year. So, thanks to my baby sis, who's become quite the shutterbug with her fancy camera, here are a few of my favorites.

The birthday boy - prince, as my MIL calls him - with his new toy. We'll get him into the 21st century yet.

Uncle Toby, at 89 years young, and his girls: My babysis (in Gap), me (in Target), Uncle Toby (i.e. the Coolest 89 Year Old You'll Ever Meet), my cousin Lee (not Claudia, thankyouverymuch, in Gap), and my Mommy

Cousins: Lee, Babysis, Babybrother, me, Cousin Bub

One of the most elegant ladies I know, our childhood neighbor, and the woman who was my Harvest Queen Pageant sponsor, with My Mommy

We also got to see Grandpop.

And majorly enjoyed time with cousins.

The Bean is 100% smitten with Zoe

The men who put up with us.

Babysis captioned this "This is about as good as we get." Also, my heart.

(Babysis: J. Crew shorts; me; Target shirt, Gap skinnies)

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RosaLovesDC said...

Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos. Your family seems like a lot of fun!