11 October 2012

Sip in Style: DC Wine Week's Red Burgundy & Plum - A Night of Fashion and Wine

Yes. Well.



Women and Song? Wait. That’s not right. At least not for this blog.

But nevertheless, here’s one event that I won’t just be posting and telling you, as I often do, “Please go because I can’t and tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you while I wrangle two Beans into Bed then collapse.”

I’ve cleared my schedule for next Tuesday night, have an official pass - and full support (“Of course,” he emailed, when I asked, “Can we make this happen?”) from H. I know there will be a slew of other interesting women there (men? you coming? hel-LO? well-dressed women and wine? Oh, wait. We covered that already.)

So here are the details, and I hope you can join me and Very Busy Mamá as we raise a glass (or 7) to the study of All Things Wine, plus a healthy splash of fashion.

What: DC Wine Week’s Red Burgundy & Plum: A Night of Fashion & Wine at Lost Society

Where: The hip, cool (proven by the fact that I’ve yet to set foot in the place, and can’t wait) Lost Society, 2001 14th Street NW

When: Tuesday, October 16, 6-8pm

Why: There’s a list. Hold on.

1) Wine. Specifically, support for the local wine industry. From local wine education to DMV vineyards, DC Wine Week is all about it. So Open Wine Bar from 6-7. Really. Open Wine Bar.

2) Fashion. DC Wine Week teamed with fashionable mamá Maria of Very Busy Mamá to showcase some lovely styles.

3) A Secret Society. Well, not really. But when I hear the Lost Society name, I can’t stop the Lara Croft Tombraider soundtrack version of Illuminati playing in my head. Wrong era. Wrong secret society, but I’ll take underground Victorian. Especially if it means I can don my oxblood velvet boots and maybe a few ruffles.

4) Open bar. I mentioned that already. Oh. And food to go with it. I haven’t had a peek at the night’s menu, but any joint that prominently features pickled anything (comes up twice on the bar menu alone) is perfect in my book.

Tickets: Get them now. Click on over to Eventbrite (you do have an account, don’t you? It’s where all the Kool Kids buy their tickets these days) and snap one up for a mere $40.

Lastly, don't forget to check out the DC Wine Week blog. There are some marvelous guest posts by local bloggers already (wine + shoes, wine + fashion inspiration, pouring the perfect glass...it goes on) - and watch for more!

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