17 October 2012

Sip in Style: In Connections We Trust - of Wine, Style, and Real People

Warning, folks, this is a DC-centric post. But here’s hoping that other locales can take inspiration from what is a marvelous concept and recreate it in the style of your own town (wine and mushrooms, Kennett Square? scarves, boots, and gluhwein, Chicago?)

First off, if the rest of DC Wine Week events are as delightful as last night’s Red Plum and Burgundy evening of fashion and wine, get thee to one of the remaining events this week. Now. Really.

(There are loads more events on the schedule for the rest of the week, over here.)

Blogger friends Emily Kate Hargrove of Capital Style (in her deliciously flirty yet work-appropriate plaid mix), yours truly (in my NoLita-purchased pinkyotto frock), and Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen, (in her MICHAEL by Michael Kors leopard dress and Stella and Dot fringe necklace)

Last night was a rare opportunity for me (inherently a Myers-Briggs "I") to have quiet - but lively - intimate conversation with new, style-minded friends and “old” blogger buddies. It was a night on which the introductions often went:

“Hi, I’m Alison.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Sally.”

Minorly blank stare.

“DC Celine.”

“Oh! I follow you on twitter/your blog/Instagram!”

We made connections in real life, which is always lovely. It’s the power of social media, when you can translate those electronic connections to face-to-face. Congratulations, DC Wine Week, for doing something you may not have set out to do - and you did it so well!

On to the event itself...the brainchild of Lisa Byrne and Vanessa French, the week of wine education events is in its second year. Designed to expand our fine city's wine education opportunities, from my perspective, it does a remarkably fine job of just that in a pleasantly understated way. The events connect different segments of our city’s social scene: the fashionistas, the social media folks, the dining gurus, the art scene, and finally the wine lovers who already know how to pronounce “sangiovese,” as yesterday’s guest blogger quipped, with any place or venue you might encounter wine: a winery, a wine shop, a bar, or a restaurant.

Last night, for example, by pairing 2 delightfully engaging small business owners with a dramatically comfortable ambiance at Lost Society (H and I will be returning - soon), style blogger María José Ovalle of Very Busy Mamá offered a red and a white. Simple, accessible wine offerings opening the doors to chat and explore.

What I expored? Layered, cashmere knits I might just be obsessing over, an embellished jumpsuit that just adds to my intense need to add the garment probably best associated with the Studio 54 era to my closet, and a mix of chunky, powerful stones with flowing metals and delicately cut filigree.

Allie toys with a perfectly chunky piece that reminds her of a necklace her mom won't give up - yet. It's a Laboradite stone, which helps steady a girl through significant transitions. (Maybe I need one, too?)

I’m a stickler for knowing where my purchases come from (when I’m not indulging in “fast fashion” at the Target down the street from my office), so I had lovely conversations with Zina Boutique owner Valeria Medrano and Stella and Dot-stylist-to-the-shows Kristin Biggs. I came away from both knowing I can trust them to buy pieces I’d want to wear - and do want to wear.

I suppose that’s what it all comes down to, in this rambling non-review of a DC event. When you’re spending your money and time on something, you want to know you can trust its source. So again, congratulations to Maria, Vanessa, Lisa, Valeria, Kristin, and the lovely Lost Society staff: well done.

You’ve made me want to come back for more.

PS - Speaking of connections, a huge thank you to Allie for letting me "borrow" images from her Instagram feed. The social-media-dependent blogger's nightmare happened last night: my cameraphone died. Somewhere on my SD card I have a lone image of my ensemble, but the poor phone is tired of Too Many Shots, so I have to give it some TLC before I get anything more out of it.


Alison (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

You are too funny. Last night was really lovely - great fashion, great jewelry, and really great people! Always a pleasure to see you!

Sara said...

This event looked like so much fun! sad i missed it:(