19 October 2012

Travel in Style: Weekend Bags From Flirty to Sturdy

Oh, more than 8 weeks ago (I know, because that’s when I started pinning possibilities), a reader and twitter friend asked for some help in finding a weekend bag that wouldn’t break the bank. And while it’s well past her beginning-of-September deadline (forgive me?), it’s time I finally put up or shut up on the topic.

It is, after all, nearly the holiday season, when we all travel to see our families.

Yes, I just wrote that.

It’s also the Season of the Fall Weddings. Facebook, twitter, and Instagram are aglow with group shots of brides and grooms at leaf-adorned outdoor alters, group shots of college friends All Dressed Up, and even invites. So I know a few of you need something in which to stow that gear to get you from Friday night rehearsal dinner through nail appointments, the ceremony and reception, and finally the bleary-eyed wedding brunch The Day After.

The original requirements were a not-uncute weekend bag no more than $100. Easier said than done, of course, especially for this vintage-inspired-luggage addict who goes for the leather travel trunk every time. Gorgeous, but ridiculously impractical.

So I found a group of bags - some bigger, some smaller, most under $100 (but a couple of reaches, especially now that they’re on sale. Personally, if I can’t have leather, I want color.
Clockwise, from top left: Land's End Ella Vickers Medium Duffel (um, named after a woman who served as first mate on the America's Cup team? yes.), Dr. Koffer Fine Leather Accessories Chaucer Bag (see? leather. I told you), Urban Outfitters BDG Buckle Tote (the smallest of the bunch, but adorable and versatile), Lipault Plume Weekend Bag (a bit old school, comes in fun colors), Heritage Leather Co. Canvas Mason bag (love the leather and canvas mix for a mildly nautical twist), L.L. Bean Hardshell Rolling Pullman (the whole hardshell thing intrigues me, though I'm a canvas girl through-and-through, plus, well, rollerbag).

On a terribly practical note, I will say this: if you absolutely must have luggage that you need to depend on (and aren’t terribly concerned about the cute factor, though it’s perfectly presentable), go L.L. Bean or Land’s End every time.

After Mom-Mom bought me my first set of luggage for high school graduation (it’s what she did for all 17 grandkids), and my trusty royal blue canvas Land’s End set took me to my years in Austria and Germany (never mind other trips), I can’t say enough about the quality and customer service from each company. We now rely on an L.L. Bean rollerbag, complete with preptastic monogram. I can stuff a weekend’s worth of clothes for both Beans and me in it (though sometimes the shoes have to go in a separate bag). You can’t hurt either brand, but if something does happen to it, both have impeccably easy repair or exchange policies. They’re pricier than this request, but they’re oh, so worth it.

Just pick a color you’ll like - kinda like that tattoo you’re thankful you never got.

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Anonymous said...

This is extremely helpful! As you know, I am headed out of town for almost three weeks, most of that time in Hawaii, and I really need a new suitcase. I'm going to check out the sturdy roller-bag. The only question is: how many bathing suits can I fit in it?