23 November 2012

Healthy Style: Black Friday Workout - Training to Shop

I did my...

Suicide sprints - for beating the crowds when I spot The Item
Medicine ball tosses - for reaching the top shelf
Farmer walks with weights - to be able to manage my haul

Did you...?

In reality, I have zero interest in Black Friday shopping. Zero. I'll find presents for the people I want to give presents to, and they may or may not be on sale. If I score a deal, great. But I am not getting up at the crack of dawn - or not going to bed on Thanksgiving night, as people do nowadays, to get The Item.

What we will be doing today is loading up the car and driving north to my mommy's. We'll have a whirlwind drive up, stopping at a hometown favorite Italian place that used to be a takeout sub shop for The Best Cheesesteak Ever, visiting an amazing hometown museum, the Brandywine River Museum, to see their Christmas displays (and for me to get all wistful about Chester County, PA), and then enjoy a quiet Saturday running around outside at Grandmom and Pop-Pop's house.

We'll play in their driveway, make friends with their new dog, and imagine with the dollhouse that used to be mine. We'll revel in the quiet of "the country."

It'll be at least 10 degrees colder there, so I'll have an extra layer or two, but my uniform will be the same as today: skinnies, a top, and moccasins or riding boots. There is literally no need to look even presentable this weekend. Which is sometimes a joy.

Video thanks to TrainerJen, who had this crazy idea for a collaboration. And so we did. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would not be where I am with out the wisdom, grace, and guidance Jen has shared with me. I am thankful that she took the leap 10 years ago and started her personal training journey, and that her Spitfire Fitness Arts is what it is. Thank you.

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