26 November 2012

Give in Style: The Right Gift for Everyone

"The Right Gift for Everyone" might be a little ambitious. But in the interest of keeping my own gift-giving thoughts collected, I started a Pinterest board "For You..." to collect all of the things I see and say "oooh! That would be perfect for...The Beans, my girlfriends, a hostess, a boss...

You get the picture.

So while I slave away at trying to respond to government requests (no offense - really, I promise - to anyone who works in the government procurement business, but really? Do you have to release all of your requests exactly such that I have to slave away as everyone else does their holiday shopping and goes to holiday happy hours?), check out my picks for now. I'll keep adding more as we go through the season (and I take a break from the proposals to eat and pin a few pieces here and there).

Happy Shopping!

Oh, and for those of you with an H, a boyfriend, a fiance, a male friend, a father, brother, or even a male boss in your life, check out my For H board, which, while specific to my - ahem - H's taste, might have a few ideas for you, too!

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