29 November 2012

Shop in Holiday Style: It's Santa, People!

Warning, disclaimer, caveat (circle one): I am unabashedly in the Christmas spirit, and am ignoring any Grinch or bah humbug Scrooge attempts (except for my new Grinch coffee mugs, which I love). If you can deal with me playing Christmas songs on Pandora, the cable music channels, and in the car, read on. If not, well, too bad.


Actually, he's been here since just before Thanksgiving. As you might have seen on twitter just before Thanksgiving, Santa hit one of our local DC area malls in style: "Screw the reindeer, people, I'm in a Tesla." That may or may not be a direct quote.

Much more practical, I think.


OK. More stylish, at least?


When we were kids, I cannot remember a single Santa picture. We never, ever did the Photo-With-Santa thing. I'm not sure if it was because my parents didn't believe in paying money to have a picture taken or what, but we were the family that went to visit the mall Santa (Exton Mall, usually, for those of you southeastern PA folks) and only told him our lists. No pictures.

In fact, for years, I looked on the tradition with derision. Seriously. Eyerolling derision. I'm not proud.

And then The Beans arrived. And I've apparently gotten over it. We didn't force the infant or toddler picture (Santa really is scary at that age), but as soon as The Bean was old enough to sort of get it, we tried it out. And the pictures? Cheezball as they are? I love them.

Now, if only I could find them. But that's another post on disorganization or something.

So when my Santa cookies and milk package arrived a few weeks ago, I waited until The Beans were in bed, scarfed the cookies, but skipped the milk. I probably had one of my now beloved scotch+cider cocktails instead. And then I started plotting to get The Beans to see Santa.

So join me in line. Whether you have Beans or not. Going to see Santa is one of the few simple joys of the season. Sure, you could say that it's commercialized, and all about the shopping. I say pooh. Even if he's the Creepy Santa (and, based on the mug shot below, he's not), it's still worth it to either see the wonder on their faces or to be a kid again. Because you will be.

Go see Santa, wherever you are.

If you're in the DC area, get thee to the mall. I haven't seen pictures of other malls' Santas, but this one is decidedly uncreepy. He's at Tyson's Corner Center, along with all sorts of other holiday shopping conveniences, like cheap-ass valet (and free if you spend a certain amount), of which I'm, like, totally taking advantage. More on my take on holiday shopping later. The malls aren't evil, people. They're fun and useful.

Where: Tyson's Corner Center, Level 1, Fashion Court (between Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom)

When: 7 days a week, 10:00am - 9:30pm

Why: See my Christmas Spirit Rant above. If you don't get it, you're a Grinch.


Lauren Knight said...

Oh my word, that is one helluvuh Santa! He is so not creepy!

We are so far undecided on our visiting status this year. Two years ago we attended and left with a fantastic picture of Milo looking really creepy (after having asked Santa for a human torso for Christmas) and Oliver screaming his head off. The people who took the picture kept asking us if we wanted a redo, and we were all, "NO way! This is the best picture ever!"

Last year we skipped, but nobody cared. We'll see...

DC Celine said...

omg, lauren, if i'd had milk in my mouth, well,...

please find and post that picture. because i'd have done the same. exact. thing. like, totes, best picture ever.

also, i can't wait to see your christmas card this year!