16 November 2012

Healthy Style: Of Flannel PJs, Sexy Underthings, and Other Small Victories

For anyone who's followed me on twitter lately, you've seen that I've been a big. fat. crankypants. Well, as part of that, and similar to when I had my epiphany a while back that my level of activity has a direct correlation to my mood, I've realized that the journaling I've done on this #healthyme journey (by way of my Weight Watchers blog, mostly) has also been critical to my mood.

Guess what?

I hadn't been journaling lately.

Now, I'm not saying this is the sole factor in my State of Crankypants, but it certainly is A Factor. So this morning, after I got done with a regular DayJob meeting, I re-started that journaling. And this is what I wrote, edited just a bit.

i'm going to start with my maintenance "Non-Scale Victories."

1: i've stayed w/in +llb and -4lb of goal weight. (WW recommends +/- 2lbs of your goal weight)

2: i purposely haven't taken my measurements (am waiting til the end of the formal 6 weeks of WW "maintenance"), but i still need to buy new/tailor old clothes, even the ones i bought prior to san diego.

3: i bought pretty cozy snowflake pajama pants. in an "S." they make me happy when i put them on every day after work.

4: i very happily bought sexy underthings. and new "regular" underwear, to replace the in-some-cases-nearly-10yo pairs in my drawer (seriously, VS cotton underwear, and in particularly, the PINK stuff, is SOLID)

5: since hitting my goal weight and going on "maintenance," i've had lots of pictures taken of me, and i didn't hate any of them. most of them, i loved. if you remember, this was part of what got me onto this #healthyme path to begin with.

6: i've maintained my commitment to stay active. i've been to a formal activity (gym, yoga, gym class) at least 2x/week, mostly 3x/week.

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7: i am stronger and more flexible. i'm finally getting into up dog(ish) and was one of the few people in a sort of muscle/power/cardio class i went to on monday who shook her booty while doing the moves. it's something trainerjen has been trying to get me to do since february.

8: my default is fruit and vegetables, rather than cookies and ice cream. this doesn't mean i don't have the latter, but it does mean that i'm more apt to pick the former. my dinner/cooking default is also fruit/veg.

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9: i'm shifting to whole foods, vice "reduced fat/sugar" processes ones. translation: butter vice smart balance. regular cheese vice reduced fat. and then watching the amounts. i'm using my fat and protein more mindfully.

10: i'm getting more sleep. we won't discuss this further, lest it become a goal discussion. but i'm getting more sleep.

11: i'm watching less tv. this translates to more time with the beans, whether chasing each other around the house, doing 7 puzzles at once (we did this the other night), baking scones to take to a dear friend, or just plain old reading side-by-side (they with their books, me with mine).

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12: i survived halloween w/in healthy weight range

13: i'm going to be in a video. on the interwebs. it's just a teeny one, a bit of a spoof, but the person who asked me to collaborate on it rocks. i'm keeping the rest of it secret for now, until it's "release." most importantly, i wasn't the least bit negatively self-concious, only self-aware in the best of wasy such that i was a little bit silly and fairly present.

yup. 13. because i'm taking on the world. watch out.

now i feel better.

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