05 November 2012

Moody Style: Wearing My Black Heart on My Sleeve

It's A Monday. If you saw my tweets, we were awake at 5am because of the time change, changed outfits twice, had meltdowns by 7am because of time change, I dropped my 1000 bags all over the hallway (apples everywhere), forgot my wallet, and now unannounced IT changes at work have left me recreating some simple work that I shouldn't have to recreate.

Happy Freakin' Monday.


I am grateful for some recent Target finds that let me throw on a Very Put-Together Look without any fuss. I added a vintage monogram brooch that was my Mom-Mom's, the pearl studs my mommy had made for me to wear in Baby Sis' wedding, black tights, and a favorite pair of black patent Lillybee maryjanes, and I can at least be satisfied that I don't look the hot mess that I feel this morning.

Clockwise, from top left: Merona Boucle Jacket, Mossimo Ultra Soft Scoop Neck Sweater, Xhilaration Ponte Knit Mini Skirt (not at all mini, quite frankly, especially with black tights), and Mom-Mom's brooch on the jacket.

I'd hurredly bought the sweater and skirt last week to finish off my decreed witch's costume, and some of you saw the debate over the two boucle jackets one night. Hats off to you, as usual, Target, for making some easy, interchangable pieces that make a girl feel chic when the world is conspiring against her.

We won't talk about the fact that the black tights I'm wearing are maternity tights. We won't.

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