07 November 2012

Written Inspiration: TV Free for Me

I've written before about my true escape being into books. And for lots of reasons, this week needs to be a week of escape for me. So starting this past Monday, I've declared this a TVfree week, and instead of my (beloved) reality TV, I'm turning to novels.

Since practically I could read, I've buried myself in the otherworldly. Witches, fairies, and poetry. Anne of Green Gables and her imagination, teenage witches (not Sabrina, but a red-haired, green-eyed one I identified with immensely), and now, as a grownup, I still turn to them. Thanks to a friend's recommendation, a forgotten pre-ordered novel hitting my Nook this week, and a favorite author pony-ing up two new novels, I'm up to my eyeballs in spells, forbidden affairs, and literary mysteries.

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