12 November 2012

Style Inspiration: The Bond Girl

I don't know about you, but I've been counting down the days 'til I get to a theater to see Skyfall.

A huge Bond fan, I love the films for all of their stylish, campy, and slick glory. I love the suave and the smooth. I love the tongue-not-really-in-cheek raunchiness. I love the overt yet demure sexiness.

And I love the style.

So while I wait (not very) patiently for the break in our family's schedule to get my rear and to a movie theater seat to ogle - ahem - see Daniel Craig in his next major motion picture, I thought I'd put together a little bit on the style the Bond Girls bring.

Oh, and boyfriends, husbands, and hopefuls? This might just serve as (I swear I'm not typing this) a bit of a gift guide.

For the man who wants it to be for his eyes only.

(Lordy. I typed that. I couldn't help myself.)

Inspired by Maud Adams in the arms of Roger Moore: the perfectly ladylike Botkier bag Maud would carry to conceal her demure pistol. Botkier is a stretch on the wallet, true, but there are lots of more reasonable frame bags out there big enough for a lady spy to carry what she needs.

Inspired by Ursula and Sean on a break in filming: a Sea Folloy retro striped bikini that just might bring out the Bond Girl in you. Or, you know, you could take her on an actual Mediterranean vacation so she'd need the bikini

Inspired by Pierce and Famke in a carefully crafted conversation: red suede Chanel gloves in which a Bond Girl would concel the finest stilletto. Another stretch, true, but major department stores (and even big box stores) have affordable long-gloved options (these opera-length ones at Nordstrom still have the button detail plus even more drama, or these knit yellow ones at Target add a saucy note to a demure ensemble)

Inspired by Eva and Daniel facing off: a pair of glittering Miguel Ases earrings that could certainly double as listening devices + my personal Bond Girl cocktail, which isn't a cocktail at all, a single malt, neat. You see, any Bond Girl in my book would adore the strong, smooth, yet sharp punch of a perfectly aged scotch. Neat, of course. Kinda like Bond himself.

Bond pictures via imdb.com


RosaLovesDC said...

This is such a fun post. I am a big fan of the Bond movies too. Grandpa is a big fan and so we grew up watching all these movies. His favorite Bond is still Sean Connery though he really loved Casino Royale with Daniel Craig.

Lauren Knight said...

I'll admit that one of the only reasons I do like Bond movies is for the style. Those ladies sure know how to dress!

DC Celine said...

Rosa - I'm with Grandpa. Sean always and forever (but wouldn't turn any of them away for eating crackers...)

Lauren - you're dead on. For all of the campy stereotypes of women in that age, the fashion is worth every cringeworthy moment!