17 December 2012

Weekend Style: Holiday Version

This weekend was full. Very full, and I have the bags under my eyes to prove it. But we had a wonderful time, and spent time all together. Which is the Most Important Thing. Ever.

Clockwise, from top left:

Bark has become my go-to hostess (and teacher) gift. For a host(ess), "upgrade" by buying a pretty box and putting the crumbly, ridiculsouly easy homemade treat inside. For teachers, buy a simple white candy gift box at a craft or container store, then have your Beans decorate it themselves.

Danny Kaye (aka Bean No.2) had his stage debut Friday at his preschool Christmas pageant. He refused to wear his tinsel halo, but otherwise was obviously the star of the show.

While waiting for Santa to return from his lunch break so we could get our now-annual Santa Visit Picture, H and I gave in to Build-a-Bear. So meet Ken and Sally, all cozy in their boxes. Not kidding. That's Ken, not Rudolph.

We averted disaster with a playground stop on the way home from The Mall, and H averted a mama disaster by making a Frosting Bakeshop run and bringing a Viennese coffee to me.

Saturday night we got All Dolled Up in sequins and patent, complete with Red Lips. Well, I did, anyway. I don't think H wore any sequins.

Our first hosts served what might be my new favorite, Artillery Punch, which packs one, plus it has a storied history. Not a punch to be taken lightly.

Sunday brought foggy-headed (from sleep deprivation, not hangover) parents and energetic Beans, so we rolled into weekend wear for an early brunch at Open City.

Ken at brunch. You can now follow Ken on Instagram with the #KenofInstagram hashtag.

After all of the brunch frivolity, I had to head into the office and finish up a major deliverable. Just one more down between me and Real Christmas Time. Almost there.

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Maria Jose Ovalle said...

I love seeing your instagram pics - they are a lovely insight into your weekends and time with the kids :) And I want to devour that cupcake!!!