14 December 2012

Give in Style: All I Want for Christmas Guest List at Capital Style

EmilyKate is one of those ladies I'm so glad blogging brought into my life - she's smart, stylish, savvy, and works her tuckus off for both her DayJob and her blog. So I happily answered her request to join a Whole Bunch of Other Cool Ladies in her All I Want for Christmas series. Jump on over here for some great gift ideas - of things other ladies actually want (and don't forget the other days in the series for more fab ideas).
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Then, my friends, I got a little bit of my wish list - some time. I almost literally snuck out last night to co-host The Shoe Hive's Hive on the Hill Opening Night party with Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen. It was, quite frankly, a fabulous party.

One of my favorite parts? Our wish lists, which we picked out last week when we visited the ladies of the Hive in their Old Town shop. What I want? Pretty much anything by baublist Alexis Bittar, but especially...

My Wish List: What I've dubbed Alexis Bittar's "Coffin Cuff." What badass girl wouldn't want some glittering coffins on her wrist?

My Wish List: More Alexis Bittar (I've been in love since my first piece, bought in South Beach nigh 10 years ago)

Wardrobe Oxygen's Wish List: More Alexis Bittar. Alison and I "negotiated" who would get to put these unusual sparklers on our list. She "won."

My other favorite part? Laughing my red-clad rear end off with some old and new friends. Now that's a party worth attending.

Oh, and if you didn't make it to the party last night, and happen to be in the Barracks Row area through Sunday, make sure you stop by the remainder of the Hive on the Hill Pop-Up Shop and get a friend (or yourself something pretty and sparkly!

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Bridgette Raes said...

I saw your twister photo and remembered that the inventor of the game just died recently.