26 March 2013

Spring Style: Target Style as a Pickup Line

Friend, former colleague, and long-time reader Carrie commented on an earlier post that she almost got a date because of a dress she was holding in a checkout line. So what does this good blogger do? Convince her to tell the story. I mean, really? A date because of a dress? In the Target checkout line? Now that's Target Style at its best.

So here's the story, in her own words.

Usually, Washingtonians can look forward to two or three days of really warm weather in January and February – days with temperatures in at least the high 60s if not 70s. This year – one. And not only were we shorted on our warm days in those months, but March hasn’t offered us anything better than what most February days do – with snow on the 25th, even!

One day I needed to stop by Target during lunch for a few regular items – dish soap, light bulbs, and some shampoo – a few other not so fun things. Nothing exciting but necessary, right? A co-worker who has become a good friend went with me as she needed some baby items. When we got to the store, we went our separate ways and agreed to meet at the checkout in 20 minutes.

As a girl from Minnesota, I should be used to long winters. Well, not so much anymore. My winter wardrobe is seriously lacking in variety and color – and on this day, I was feeling a little like winter had gotten the best of me in both my wardrobe and my demeanor – still dressed in black and wearing my Merrells, not even nice work shoes. I found everything I needed, and decided to take a swing through the clothing, just to see if there was something that caught my eye.

Even though my view on Target clothing has evolved from ‘no way, ever’ to ‘there are some things that are worth it,’ it’s not my favorite. I would much rather be wearing Eileen Fisher or Tracy Reese (I only have one dress of hers, but would still rather be wearing it), but I can only buy their clothing when it’s really on sale, and with thought. For some reason, I have found that Target tends to come up with dresses, in particular, that I like and wear to work - a lot.

So as I swung through the department, noting that I had only a few minutes before I needed to be back at the front of the store, one piece in particular caught my eye, and even though it is black and white (not particularly different from what I was wearing, except more white), the sleeveless number with the flirty skirt and catchy stripe pattern, and particularly the skinny pink belt, still sent the message ‘Spring, Spring, Spring.’ I grabbed one in my size and headed for the counter – I have learned that one never waits for things to go on sale at Target –at $27.99, it was a little splurge that I didn’t have to really think about.

As I got to the front of the store, I saw my friend in line with a guy and woman between us. I lined up. My friend didn’t see me behind her, but I wanted her opinion as to whether or not the dress was worth it. I called to her, and the guy ended up having to get her attention for me. So with these people between us, I asked her what she thought. Hers was a ringing endorsement, as was the woman’s and, as it turned out, the guy’s.

As someone who wasn’t feeling particularly attractive in her black trench and black pants and hair that needed a touch up in cut and color, in addition to someone who is hoping to meet someone special, the guy’s ‘I would like to take you in that dress to a winery on a summer afternoon’ comment was very much appreciated and unexpected. The woman in line behind me said ‘Is that all it takes to get an offer of a date?’ and looked like she was about to head back to pick up a dress for herself.

I’ll admit I didn’t really know what to say to the guy, but if he had stuck around, I would have given him my number.

Just goes to show you - you never know what a little spring pick-me-up might bring!

That's Carrie's story. Do you have one of your own? What's the most unexpected thing that's happened to you because of something you were wearing, or even carrying?

And, if you play your blog reader cards right, and the DayJob gods don't have their way with me, I'm hoping to share how to style this ridiculously on-trend bargain (hel-LO black and white stripes! hel-LO pop of neon! hel-LO skinny belt!) in an upcoming Style Dilemma Solved post!

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