29 March 2013

Weekend Style: Dressing Up Your Boyfriend(s)

I'm in love with my new boyfriend jeans. Lots of us (me included!) get really really really excited when we can get into - and feel good in - skinny jeans. But this morning, I'm thrilled I'm wearng a soft, comfortable, perfectly broken in (thanks, madewell) pair of "boyfriend" jeans. A little bit slouchy, a little bit fitted. And, I think infinitely harder to pull off than skinnies. Because slouchy can look sloppy.

But it doesn't today. I'm feeling very chic and put together, despite 2.5 hours of sleep in a hotel bed near the office (one of *those* nights - but the proposal is in and receipt confirmed, next one due today will be soon, then I go home).

When I tried the jeans on in the store (at Rosa's Madewell event), I asked The Bean if she liked them. "Yup," she said, "you look like you're at the beach." Sold. Count one more convert to the boyfriend jean trend. Also, go try them, if you haven't already. They're awesome (and a little more office appropriate than skinnes, I think, though I wear my skinnies here, too).

What makes me feel even more put together on a day when I could feel completely schlumpy is a combo of:

  • A chanel-inspired boucle jacket (all on-spring-trend in its black & whiteness), a happy Target find i've worn well more than its $29.99 cost (no longer available, but this ladylike black & white jaquard jacket would do just fine)
  • A soft, supple, cottony violet tank for color without being super springy (despite me going to bed and getting up with the birds chirping), also a Target buy (long & lean tanks are. the. best.)
  • Ladylike pastel patent pumps, because pastel pumps dress up anything (mine are prior season's Lillybee, but this post on nude pumps might help you find some)

I'd packed it all two nights ago, knowing I'd probably not get home last night. I'm so glad I did. because a few hours sleep, a hot shower, and clothes I love go a long way.


On a complete aside, whilst finding the links for this post, I found two things I might need:
  1. This crazy cool (and crazy comfortable looking) maxi dress at Target. Part of their labworks collection (note to self: dig up info on collection, because, also, that jacket!)
  2. These LYB pumps I've admired for forever, now on crazy sale. Yes. It's a crazy day.
But I am not, officially not buying a thing. Because I can't handle my closet at all anymore (too big, old, to tailor/not tailor, not-ok-for-work), and I've asked for help. Formal, official help. I promise to share along the way, but in the meantime, No Target Buying. No Anything Buying. At all. Really.

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