13 March 2013

Style Obsession: What I'm Pinning, Tagging, Instagramming, and Following

First, let me apologize for the sporadic, practically non-existant posting. I was on a roll again, then we went to New Orleans (#NOLAoclock was amazing. absolutely amazing), then it was really busy, then I got sick.

So since I was home sick yesterday, and spent the day on social media, pinning, tweeting, and facebooking (yes, people still do that), I thought I'd share a few things over which I'm currently obsessing - in my tummy-bug-induced stupor.

Retro style. Our #NOLAoclock trip left me wandering the streets, stumbling into delightful boutiques like Trashy Diva's 3 stores on Chartres. The shoe boutique, and its amazing collection of ReMix Vintage Shoes, the brown version of which one above came home with me. Seriously. ReMix copies real vintage styles impeccably. I could've bought 5 pair, at least.

Mid Century. H and I have a long standing compromise-collaboration: he grew up in a decidedly contemporarily designed home, I grew up with antiques. Somehow, Mid Century Modern seems to meet in the middle. I find myself pinning all sorts of design from that period, like this amazing light fixture. I stumbled into the best shop ever, Loisel Vintage Modern, on Magazine Street during my solo day on #NOLAoclock, and spent probably an hour in there, snapping pics to show H. The owner was knowledgable and helpful. And I wanted it all.

Clean Eating. Even before #NOLAoclock, I'd been toying with the idea of a formal cleanse. After a year of #healthyme focus, I eat pretty cleanly, but lord knows I still eat "treats," have a drink, and do lots of nutritional things that might not be the best for my body. So before we left, I'd done a little research and settled on the Clean Program (fellow GOOP followers, Gwyneth talks about this one, but it was my mommy who turned me on to it). It's logical, not terribly different from what I've been eating (ok, a fair amount, but still not difficult), and, not being a "juice cleanse," it includes, um, Real Food. Plenty of it. Since returning, from #NOLAoclock, I've started the preliminary "elimination diet," and am happy. Looking forward to using a bunch of the clean recipes I've been pinning all over.

Minimal makeup. While I love a good smoky eye and drama, I do not have the energy or time - or inclination, for that matter - to do that every - ok, any morning right now. So when I do bother (and it is NOT every day), I blot on some Bobbi Brown powder, then swipe on whichever Red Lipstick happens to be in my purse. I think this one is part of a trio of reds I bought on Allie's recommendation from Revlon. So awesome.

Grey walls. In anticipation of H's cousin (and the Beans' godmother) and her son coming at the end of June, we're high-gearing it into #OperationPrettyHouse, which is loooooong overdue. I refuse to have her come back to a home with the same walls and kitchen she saw at The Bean's 4th birthday. We're starting in our bedroom, where we went dark and luxurious, with what I see as a deep dove grey (Behr's Anonymous). A friend and designer recommended 50% white from the wall color for the ceiling color, so that we did. With our blonde wood furniture and what I hope will be a dramatic (um, mid century?) light fixture, it'll be stunning. If we ever finish it. Because it still looks like this.

Virgin Atlantic. Seriously. As nice as they were to me yesterday, I'll fly with them whereever they go. I'd whined about a sick day on twitter yesterday, and their team, who happened to be in DC yesterday, scooted by, rang my doorbell, and brought me flowers. And a gift card. Really. Though it was, um, intimidating to have 3 coiffed and primped flight attendants smiling in my hallway whilst I was in a bra-less nightgown, it actually made me cry. Oh. And the handwriting in the card (they even gave me a card!) looks just like my BEF (Best English Friend)'s. So yeah. Tears.

#DVFlovesROXY. Apparently, DVF is a beach lover, and is into the spirit that girl surfers, who give it their all, have. Me, too. I'm dreaming of my next surf lesson down tha shore this summer. And may or may not be plotting to spend my Virgin Atlantic present on these board shorts. Think they'll make my legs look like that?

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