14 March 2013

Twirl in Style: In Clothes, There is Joy

Here's the story of today. It doesn't start with the joyful clothes, but I'll get there, I promise. Have patience.

I've been itching to have a smoothie for breakfast lately, but was a) trying to stick to the full plan of regular, but on the elimination diet (ED) breakfasts, pre-cleanse, and b) The Bug. So I finally, finally loaded up the produce bin more than usual, and lined up my smoothie, all ready to "buzz" this morning before TrainerJen. I even looked up the smoothie recipes in the Clean book to make a soundly nutritional mixture, and got back out of bed to make "chia seed gel" quickly. (Apparently, chia seeds are easier to blend (and digest) if you make a gel out of them - which basically means put them in water and keep in the fridge.)

So here's my smoothie:

1c mango cubes
1c frozen, unsweetened sweet cherries
1c light coconut milk (will switch to regular, less processed, once I use up what I have)
1c/handful mixed "Power Greens" (a boxed greens mix from Whole Foods with spinach, kale, and chard, at least, if not others)
1tsp-ish ground ginger
2T chia seed gel

Day-aHM, it was yummy! It was a lot (about 24oz), but since I'd worked out, I was good with that. Had half before, half after.

Then, the skirt. I bought this skirt in NOLA in a pink garage (not kidding). As I tried it on over my pre-Stanley-fried-oyster-and-boudin Benedict running clothes (after said Benedict and on my second bloody Mary of the morning), my girlfriend convinced me I could wear it to the office. So I am. And it's sparkly and twirly and flirty and twirly and full and luscious and wonderful. I've got pep. I've got spring in my step and swing in my hips. I'm wearing red lipstick (super retro, also bought in NOLA, at Trashy Diva) and power shoes (python pumps, to be exact). I'm feeling the power of the female sex, and could even be productive at the DayJob.

Woah. Don't go overboard there.

But needless to say, though I told TrainerJen "flow" when she made me close my eyes and tell me what my body told me I needed because I was overthinking it, we did a pretty fast-paced circuit-y workout because she really always knows best. So it could be the workout. It could be the smoothie. It could be the skirt.

Because lord knows it ain't the full 7-8 hours of sleep that I didn't get.

But as I sashay - literally - around the office, just waiting for someone to call me on my excessive, twirly sparkles (only one, so far - bring it on!), I'm struck at how much joy a big piece of fabric can bring to my day. I almost can't stop thinking about it. I want to go back to the bathroom again to look at it in the mirror, and I keep trying to get a phone pic of how incredible it is. The ones I've gotten so far just don't do it justice.

I have other outfits in which I feel great (um, the Union Jack skinnies?), but there's something about the sheer feminity, maybe, that puts this one over the edge into joy. Is it the cut? Is it the fullness? Is it that it, in some demented, Freudian way makes me pretend I'm in some 50s office and in the male-dominated world that would come with it - and then the power I have as a prettily dressed, curvy female in that space? I'm sure the analysts would have a field day with that.

So what is it about being girly and flouncy and flirty that feels so powerful? Because I think that might be what it is. Nevertheless, I'll take it, and I'll use it all day long.

And I will be counting the days until I can wear this girly statement piece again.

So what makes you feel all-powerful? Is it girly? Is it menswear? Is it your pajamas?

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