18 April 2013

Style Inspiration: Definition of a Princess

A friend posted this facebook status update this morning. The 3 year old and 5 year old are, for the record, rough-and-tumble, t-ball-playing, Stillers-loving boys.

Upon seeing mommy wearing a dress this morning, the following conversation ensued:

3yr old: "Mommy, you're a princess!"

5yr old: "No. Her dress doesn't touch her toes. She's not a princess."

3yr old angered and defensive: "YES. MOMMY IS A PRINCESS."

Me: Remains silent, but twirls, much to the 3yr old's delight.

Yeah, Mommy is going to side with the 3yr old on this. I twirled, therefore, yes, I am a princess.

What's making YOU a princess today?

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WashingTina said...

Got a text from a dear friend this morning who said, "I'm channelling you today...wearing red shoes!" Yup, red shoes=princess. Inspiring others to wear red shoes=princess.

DC Celine said...

WashingTina, you've just set the bar oh, so very high in princessdom.

RosaLovesDC said...

I so not feel like a princess now because my hair is a mess, but I know I will feel like a princess tomorrow when my stylist gives me a haircut.

DC Celine said...

Rosa, having someone take care of a beauty task is oh, so very princessy, isn't it?