23 April 2013

Style Inspiration: The Feeds, Accounts, and Pages Inspiring Me Now

I may not be blogging much lately, but I do still browse the interwebs. So I thought I'd share a couple of my favorites here. They inspire me in one way or another, so maybe they'll inspire you.

The newest addition to my twitter feed, the Victoria and Albert Museum. Seriously. How could one not want to dream about the exhibits and installations in this legendary museum? From the currently en vogue David Bowie exhibit to collars from 1600 (#1)...amazing inspiration.

Long a favorite, The Museum at FIT's facebook page (and Pinterest boards, for that matter) always manages to post an amazing Dress of the Day just when I need to see something beautiful and creative, like the Engineer top they posted on April 10th (#2).

True, H and I are currently in the middle of some major condo upgrades (painting, kitchen remodel, sorting and sorting and sorting, see #OperationPrettyHouse on twitter and Instagram), but even if I weren't, Dwell, the ridiculously covetable design mag, shares enviable furniture, concepts, and spaces on its Pinterest boards. I'm especially drawn to warm, clean designs like the Chair, Lovö. Designed by Axel Einar Hjorth for NK, Sweden 1930s in #3.

For a peek into the world of emergent fashion, I love following Young British Designers on Instagram and Pinterest. I'm regularly "liking" and repinning their posts. Just one of the reasons I'm addicted is the shoe designs - like #4, Joanne Stoker's Ankle Strap Wedge.

On the food front, there are lots. I've been trying to keep them aimed at #healthyme, but that's not always possible. One of my newest obsessions, though, is right up that alley. I'm inspired by the inventiveness of recipes and striking shots of simple, raw food from Emiliy von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life (on Pinterest, especially). #5 above is the shot that drew me in to her site, from this post (and yes, they're crazy good - and easy).

Where's your current inspiration? Online? IRL?

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