28 May 2013

Style Inspiration: Easy, Effortless Glamour for Summer

Pinterest is a little bit of distraction in an insane life. Pretty pictures to inspire me for projects down the road. Pretty pictures to inspire me through the day.  Pretty pictures, just because.

When I pinned this sleeveless top and palazzo pant ensemble to my Creating a New Closet board, I noted "effortless." This. Is. Easy. Glamour.

The caption on the site where I found this photo read "Giovanna Battaglia is Cannes glamour personified." My thoughts, precisely, when I saw this glorious elegance. That, and I may or may not have a new obsession with maxi dresses and kaftans.

Cheeky scowl. I wouldn't call myself a huge Jennifer Aniston fan, but a girl's got to admire her. Strength, humor, and glamour, all in one shot. Image via

This is what all red carpets should look like. By far my favorite red carpet shot, perhaps ever, Gisele Bundchen has that relaxed spirit of fun that would make so many "stars" shine that much brighter if they used it. And the rest of us, too.

It's not glamorous, but it is easy. Over the Memorial Day weekend, sandwiched in between crazy DayJob late nights, I forced quiet time, and stayed up too late reading. It was an "easy" book, a summer read. And I enjoyed and relished every stinkin' minute of it. As Ms. Rowling says, the power of a good story, well-told, is always transporting. And to get all fashion-y on you for a moment, I suppose that's where the best fashion emerges: out of a good, well-told story. Image via

Remember how I suggested you pin and pin and pin, then step back and see what emerges? Yeah. Just did that. I set out this morning to just show you a few things, no order, no rhyme, no reason. Clearly my psyche has other plans: effortless glamour mixed with a healthy, humorous dose of chutzpah seems to be the order of the day.

My challenge to you - and myself - this week? Meet your obstacles with that same sense of easy glamour I realized I pinned over the past few weeks. Pull out a favorite piece of clothing about which you just don't have to think - and rock it because you feel amazing in it. Then channel that inner Rocker Chic(k), tell yourself a joke in your head, and the world will be your oyster.

At least that's what I'm telling myself right. now.

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