04 June 2013

Written Inspiration: Writing Over at Glass

I mentioned it on facebook and twitter last week, but I'm incredibly excited to share that I've started writing for a stunning UK-based magazine called Glass. I'm honored that they're including me as a contributor, and am very much looking forward to more.

My first piece went up last week, on one of my favorite topics: punk and fashion. If you don't believe me that it's a favorite topic, check out my other posts tagged with "punk" here. I still remember seeing that gaggle of punk teens in 2006 that made me stop in my tracks. And then there's my Rocker Chic(k) board. If I stopped to explain who I was in high school, you'd see me surrounded by early-90s punks (and hippies, just to round it out).

But nevertheless, keep reading Glass. There's some amazing writing, some amazing design, and a whole lot of perspectives worth reading.

John Lydon, 1976. Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Photograph by Richard Young/Rex USA

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