12 June 2013

Summer Style: Managing the Final Vacation Countdown with Eye Candy

1 week to go.

1 week.

1 week until I load up the Beans and hit the road Down Tha Shore. (H will follow one day after us.)

This year, we're only managing a week, really. Something about The Bean being in school and truancy laws. Both Beans have been changing into their bathing suits daily. It's our new end-of-day ritual, eating dinner in our bathing suits. They're a tad bit excited.

So am I.

Truth of the matter is, though, I'm 100% overwhelmed by everything that has to happen between now and then. You see, right after we get back, H's cousins (and the Beans' godmother) arrive from Athens. So I'm making lists, and trying desperately to keep myself focused and in control of the craziness, which includes everything from packing to #OperationPrettyHouse, all on a strict deadline. We have to, in no particular order:

Order (and receive) The Beans' summer togs (swim shoes, suits, rash guards)
Finish painting our bedroom, install our bedroom lamp, hang pictures in our bedroom
Clean our bedroom
Finish painting and putting away our kitchen
Clean the living room and dining room, which is supposed to include buying at least one new rug. Really.
Clean those bathrooms. And I mean scrub.
Clean and prepare our guest room, which is currently a kitchen-renovation-storage-closet
Try and repair our home computer, so I can download my pics from my phone and actually make it work faster than a snail
Pack for the Beans
Pack for H
Pack for me
Do everything under the sun at the #DayJob so I don't have to even peek at email while we're gone. That's a list unto itself.

See? That list doesn't seem quite so crazy, now, when I write it out. But let me tell you, when I walk in the door tonight, and see the cacophony-like mess in our home, I'll feel all overwhelmed again. It's no wonder I haven't bothered with hair or makeup, and barely with presentable ensembles, for weeks now.

My one little joy is still pinterest, and seeing all the pretty suits and waves. I've still not decided if I should get a new suit. The one I stressed over last year doesn't fit (boo, sadmama), but ones I got ages ago and barely wore, do. But I've had them for ages, and there are pretty, pretty suits out there. Here are just a few that caught my clearly retro-inspired eye, along with some other #SeasidePoolside eye candy.

Is it June 19th yet?

Surf mavens, via

Herm├ęs, via

Rita Hayworth, via

Shades, via

Sparkling Peach Sangria, via

Metallic Bikini, via

1 comment:

Heidi said...

*Wanty want* that Michael Kors. It's on sale, too. DO IT!:)

Also, this might help in the short term: Pour one glass of prosecco. Add popsicle. (Seriously, it's the best.)