13 August 2013

Style Inspiration: Knowing What Suits You

We all have them. The ensembles in which we feel phenomenal. The ensembles in which we walk taller, stronger, and with more confidence (which is, of course, the ultimate accessory). The ensembles in which we get more compliments that we could ever imagine.

Lexa of Lemmonex Instagrammed this pic of her Thursday outfit. "Default," read the caption.

"If that's your default, wow!" I commented.

"Easy dress and leopard is always my fall back," she responded. This is it for her. She knows what works for her. She knows what makes her happy. That means it suits her.

Leopard might not be your thing, and you may hate belts, but you have something in your closet that suits you.

When I compliment someone, especially someone I know well, on their clothing, I try to use something along the lines of "I love that dress on you. It suits you." In my mind, it's the highest compliment I can pay someone about something relatively superficial. In my mind, I'm trying to tell that person that she is shining through. It means that the clothing she chose for that moment is highlighting the best things about her. Those things, in my eye, aren't really the physical things, either (though they're often enhanced), but rather a person's being and personality is brighter, clearer, and easier to see with the naked eye.

So with this post, I challenge you. Figure out what piece in your closet lets your best you shine through. Then wear it tomorrow.

If you're not already wearing it, that is.


Lexa said...

So much changed for me when I figured out what worked for me--aesthetically and "happy wise". Wear what makes you strut!

Curvy CEO said...

Yeah, I'm with Alison - if that's your default then WOWSA! Great dress!

For me, my default is a dress...almost any kind of dress, but a dress. Throw on some flats and a few accessories and I'm done! It's my "uniform"! Oh and purple. I live in purple. It's my signature color.

DC Celine said...

@Lexa - it's so very true. The challenge is, of course, to find that "strut." It *is* easier said than done

@Curvy CEO - right? Doesn't she look amazing? And yes! to the dress concept. Love, too, that you have a signature color!

Heidi/Frantic But Fabulous said...

What I like about "default" outfits is figuring out what works about them and using it as a formula for variations on the theme. (Is it leopard print? A certain shape of skirt?) My goal is to have a wardrobe only of default--i.e. good--stuff.