15 August 2013

Style in Armor: Clothing as Shield

If you follow me on Instagram or facebook, you know I've selected my ensembles to shield me from the trials of tough days lately.

Aviators + metallic leather


So. The protection I've donned made me realize I've noticed more and more armor lately.

Like these chains, which are just begging to be worn.

Or this cape, which, if I can wear at Carmen's age, will mean I need no armor.

Then there's shielding oneself in leather, a la the Coolest Superheroine Ever.

But then sometimes armor is unexpectedly girly,

And sometimes it's softer than we expect.

For a devout Winter Girl, a turned up collar protects, not from the cold, but from the Others. It's up. No one can harm me.

Of course, if they try, I can just turn on my filigreed stiletto, humming Nancy Sinatra all the way.

I showed you my armor. Show me yours?


Emily Kate - Capital Style said...

My armor would definitely include those Givenchy fold-over boots and maybe a fabulous trench to go with them!

DC Celine said...

Emily - I can see it now, all spylady-like. And if you were on the winding back streets of Paris? You'd be indestructible.